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Opening A Healthy Third Eye Chakra

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

Maintaining healthy chakras is an important aspect of your well being and living a life with vitality, harmony, and in alignment with your Soul Truth. The Third Eye specifically is responsible for your reality, perception, manifesting, and intuitive wisdom. It’s a doorway to Spirituality and your Soul Truth. 

The third eye chakra is where conscious mind and the natural world meet and is particularly vital to you because it allows you to cut through fantasy and illusion and access your deeper Soul Truths.  When you bring these two worlds together you can enhance your own ability to manifest.

The third eye chakra is where your conscious mind and the natural world meet allowing you to cut through fantasy and illusion and access your deeper Soul Truths.Click To Tweet

Everyone has a Third Eye (no exceptions), and it’s through safely opening and keeping it healthy that people find more success in their life.

Third Eye Basic Information:

  • Location: The Third Eye is the 6th of the 7 major chakras and is located on your forehead in between and slightly above your eyebrows.
  • Function:  The third eye chakra (also referred to as the “mind’s eye” is where conscious mind and the natural world meet. It lets you see potential and possibility beyond the physical world.
  • Color:  Associated with the color indigo or purple

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Your Third Eye Chakra can be either active (open and healthy) or underactive (blocked) or overactive.

Signs Your Third Eye is Open (or Opening):

  • You’ll be able to “feel” the Third Eye by noticing an increase in pressure, buzzing, or tingling in that area between and slightly above the eyebrows.
  • You may notice an increase in your own desire to touch it or feel as though someone is touching it.
  • When you place your hand (about one to two inches) over your Third Eye Chakra, you may notice a warm sensation.
  • Notice an increased trust in your own insight that comes from within.
  • Sudden moments of wholeness and healing about issues you’ve had trouble healing and resolving for yourself.
  • If you’re working on your Third Eye, you may notice an increase in headaches/migraines. If this is true for you, drink plenty of water.

Signs Your Third Eye is Underactive (or Blocked):

  • Feeling lifeless, sluggish, passive about life in general.
  • Find yourself with wishful thinking but don’t take action.
  • Lack a sense of groundedness.
  • Lack of clarity and get easily confused. You often use the phrase “I’m confused” in your communication.

Signs Your Third Eye is Overactive:

  • Feel too lively, agitated and easily react to others.
  • Aggressive behavior.
  • Arrogant and narrow-minded. You see things your way and get easily frustrated when others don’t see things the way you do.
  • Lack of joy in the process of life.
  • Find yourself doing the work but hitting brick walls, adding to your frustration and not accomplishing what you want.

Supporting Your Healthy
Third Eye Chakra

1. Do Different!

Explore different viewpoints, and learn by placing yourself in different places to explore them!  Explore communities, classrooms, even watch a new TV show you wouldn’t normally watch. Documentaries about anything that different than your own beliefs is a great place to start. Do something out of your norm simply to practice being OPEN MINDED and do your best to let go of the outcome of your experience. Move past comfort zones!

2. Grounding

Practice grounding exercises daily. The easiest one to practice is to be FULLY PRESENT in the moment knowing that whatever is going on is happening FOR you and TO you. Focus on BREATH to help you be present. Breathwork can be done at any time! 

Meditation is also always an excellent start to your day, too. Remember… meditation doesn’t have to be transcendental and complete quieting of the mind to work. A few minutes of quiet time in observance of your thoughts is good.

Finally, schedule daily time quiet time, as well, to reflect as part of your overall Spiritual Practice.

3. Discern What You Eat

Eliminate processed foods. and drink lots of water. If you like tea, use organic teas with the herbs listed in #4 (below).

4. Aroma

Use herbs like star anise, basil, jasmine, lavender, passion flower, rosemary, and blue lotus. You can diffuse them, burn incense, or apply the essential oils. 

Just as you do anything to maintain your body (like see the dentist and brush your teach to care for your oral hygiene) so must you take care of your energy (even if you can’t see it). Learn this for yourself, take a lesson in the healing arts, buy a book about chakras, or schedule time to see a healer you trust.

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Maria Flynn

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