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Number 9 Message and Symbolism

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

If you see the number 9, then it holds wonderful energy for you!! Even if you don’t see it, 9 can help you level up!

9 holds a beautiful message and when properly understood can welcome a new cycle in your life. When properly understood, this new cycle is one that makes you stronger!

Below are some ways 9 shows up:


9 in numerology has a meaning and vibration of its own.  9 aligns with Universal love, Universal Spiritual Laws, Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment, Service to Mankind, and Humanitarianism.

9 is also a number for lightworkers and those who live and lead in life by positive and soulful example. Making a positive impact in the world is a priority with a sense of selflessness. 9 vibrates your desire to live a purposeful life.

9 is SOUL mission work (you have to do what is your purpose). In other words , can not not do the work your soul is yearning for you to do!

9 is living with higher perspective, and tapping into your intuition and strength of character.

Feeling The 9 Vibration

9 has a vibration that aligns with healers, educators, and those living and being of service on behalf of others.  They are solution-oriented people with a spirit of creativity and inspiration to share with the world.

If you’ve been feeling like this is your calling, then don’t be surprised if you see 9s pop up around you!

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9 Is an Angel Message

If you notice the number 9 showing up around you repeatedly, then your Angels may be giving you a message.  9 is asking you to stop procrastinating and get to work!!  Multiples of 9s around you is letting you know that a chapter in your life is complete, but that it was an important chapter to complete as it will align with your soul mission.  9 means to take all you’ve learned and use it for the work ahead you are meant to do.  It is all about your life purpose.

Call In The 9 Vibration

If you want to experience more strength, leadership and clarity, you can welcome the number 9 by simply putting it around you purposely and with loving intention.  9 Flowers, 9 pencils, a painting with 9 blocks, or 9 birds, or 9 with anything in it.  Use whatever you like and what brings you pleasure!

9 vibration will help you to get comfortable saying, NO.  But, “NO” is for the greatest and highest good.  “NO” is practicing discernment and staying true to your soul’s calling (without distraction).  If this is something you want, call on the number 9 and bring it into your environment as creatively as you like!

9 symbolism and Universal energy is something we often welcome and utilize to the fullest when the Universe shares Her messages with us in Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul.

9 And Feng Shui

This interpretation of 9 is perhaps my favorite way to see and use 9.  In Feng Shui the Bagua Map (the map of your home) is made up of 9 Sacred areas.  Nine in Feng Shui is the highest number by way of attainment and accomplishment.  

  • Nine is also a considered a “lucky” number because its pronunciation in Cantonese sounds like sufficient.
  • It’s said the the number 9 can welcome abundance (in all ways in whatever area of life you need it like career, money, food, romance, health, creativity, etc…).
  • It’s also said that the number 9 is synonymous to living a long, healthy and joyous life!

I particularly love this because 9 in the home can be physically achieved with art and through action. For example…

  • Stir your the food your cooking in sets of 9
  • Set timers to turn on lights at 9am or 9pm (to remind you of vibration and what you’re calling in).
  • Use art and physically place 9 around you.
  • Do 9 minute mini workouts throughout the day.

I have also found that 9 and removing items is equally powerful.  

9 Things for 9 Days Decluttering Exercise:

To welcome abundance (in any area of life) you also need to think about how to clear the way for it come.  I’ve used this exercise when I want to welcome the qualities of 9 around me.

Remove 9 items from your home per day (items that clutter, or that hold little to no value to you) for 9 consecutive days. Donate them or throw it away.

If you happen to have a room that is clutter-filled, you can focus on one room if you like (in fact, I recommend focusing on one area of your home that needs it most).

The energy burst after only a few days is amazing! I can only share what I’ve experienced it’s been nothing short of enlightening, relief, clarity, creativity, solutions, aha moments, and more.

Worth a try?  For sure!  I highly recommend this exercise and often recommend it to clients who’s results are always good.

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