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Full Moon In Libra April 2020

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

The full moon in Libra for April 2020 holds a magnificent message for the world right now. It doesn’t matter if your astrological sign is Libra, the Universal energy and influence doesn’t skip anyone.

This message is not just for the day of the full moon. It’s for your life now and always. It’s a message to let into your heart now, and live it to the best of your ability every day.

Amid this particular full moon, the citizens of the planet find themselves having to encounter the biggest global disruption they’ve likely ever experienced in their own lifetime—COVID-19. Everyone is experiencing it together and together we can move forward.

That being said, this full moon is helping you call in a better, feel good, higher vibration where you (and the world) can truly benefit.

The full moon in Libra is located at 18° and the vibration of the number 18 holds a meaningful message for you that helps build momentum in the direction you want it to go for your life—but it must include YOU showing up for this, too.

If you’ve never paid attention how to live in harmony WITH the Universe, then now is a good time to pay attention and notice the signs supporting you. Those signs are there for you always and throughout the entirety of your life.

Now… back to 18!

The number 18 holds a magnificent energy and message for you!

  • 18 in Angel Numbers is a message of ENCOURAGEMENT and SUPPORT from your angels. The angels want to remind you to focus and think positive, good, and higher vibrating thoughts having to do with prosperity and abundance. Take time define what this looks like for your life. Think how you’d like to experience the outcomes.
  • The angels remind you that things are happening or “manifesting” around you at a VERY RAPID RATE. We’re experiencing it right now through fear and COVID-19, but the Angels remind you that if it can happen one way it can also happen in the other direction, too–toward GOOD, and healing, and things that enrich your life. It’s not easy to do in the midst of stress, and yet it’s one of the most important things to do especially and because of the stress. To change the trajectory requires you to show up.
  • Do your best to keep your thinking about the present and future as good as you can possibly muster (this helps and heals you and the world).
  • 18 in numerology is focused on events or circumstances that present the OPPORTUNITY to significantly benefit humanity. Indeed, some of the greatest things are created in the most uncertain times.

“Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” ~Pablo Picasso

  • 18 is a desire for peace and happiness for all, and continually striving toward that. Now more than ever, the plans you’re thinking about (professionally and personally), will have this idea front and center for you. Something as completely disruptive and disconcerting as COVID-19 is helping you take the blinders off in areas of your life that have been needing your attention. Avoiding it doesn’t bring you peace. Perhaps now you can take a look and take positive action in favor of your life.
  • 18 reduced is 9 (the beginning of a new numeric cycle and a new life cycle). 18 connects to Mother Earth and encourages each of us to work in harmony WITH her and her cycles. When there is disharmony, we call it a “challenge” or a “struggle”. We’re being called on right now to grow, heal, and overcome so that we’re better together as citizens and stewards of the planet.

    Ask yourself…
    • Where you can I infuse joy, raise the vibration, trust in myself and my life process, and the Universe more?
    • How can I lead myself more (improve it) to achieve the life I want to feel good about?
    • How can my own life be in harmony WITH the Universe?

It’s a conscious choice to plug into the things that support your life (no matter the present state and circumstance). Times like we find ourselves in now will support your rise and expanded consciousness (but you must choose it to be so).

Please remember this…

When you RISE, you send a ripple effect in the Universe that has the potential to change things for the greatest and highest good.

From my home to yours…

Sending you endless waves of LOVE. ~Maria

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Maria Flynn

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