6 Unexpected Ways To Meditate (For People Who Think They Can’t)

Written by Gina Sendef

Meditation is a trendy topic these days.  There is increased interest in the subject because the benefits of meditation have become more well known; stress relief, relaxation, increased energy and mental clarity just to name a few.

Most people understand there is some benefit, but don’t fully grasp all the various ways meditation is extremely important and helpful.   Meditation releases negative energy, balances our chakras and helps us maintain a higher vibration.  That kind of high vibrating energy resonates with optimal health, abundance, joy, peace and happiness; you attract more of,those into your life through a meditation practice.

There is also a lot of conflicting information about how to practice meditation.  For most, images of sitting crossed legged, while being completely silent and still for at least 20-30 minutes is what comes to mind.  While that is certainly one way to meditate, it is not the only way.

Meditation is a spiritual practice.  It is a way to connect with spirit and your higher self.  The best way to do this is through breath and silence.  The combination of deep, therapeutic breathing while quieting your mind is the most efficient way to get connected; but this is not easy for many people to accomplish.  It takes time and discipline; that’s why meditation is called a practice.  Unfortunately, most people give up on meditation because of uncertainty and frustration; leaving its many benefits behind.

The elevated forms of transcendental meditation take time and diligence to achieve, but that does not mean you won’t experience many benefits of meditation with other forms.  There are many ways to experience a meditative state, and its benefits, without all the formality people usually associate with the practice.

Here are 6 unexpected ways to meditate (for people who think they can’t):


A guided meditation helps get us into a highly relaxed state and teaches us the incredible art of surrender.  This is not about giving up, it is about tuning in to visualization and surrendering the banter of your brain to tap into the energy of your higher self (your soul).  These meditations are incredibly valuable and can range in topic from healing to meeting your guides and much more.  If you struggle,with quieting your mind, guided meditation is very useful.  A great resource for a wide variety of guided meditations is www.guided.mind.com.

2. YOGA:

Yoga is a physical form of exercise but it is also a spiritual practice.  Yoga gets your mind focused, releases,negative energy, focuses on breath and helps you surrender to the moment; exactly like meditation.  The closing pose of a yoga flow is usually Savasana, which is a meditative pose.  If being still is uncomfortable for you during meditation, yoga is an excellent and beneficial alternative.


When we focus our energy and mind to a task that raises our vibration and connects us to spirit, we are achieving a meditative state.  Creative expression does just that.  Writing, painting, dancing, singing, acting, sewing, knitting, photography, etc…; it releases negative energy (stress) and raises your vibration from joy.  If you are driven to be creative, your intuition is guiding you for a reason.


Like guided meditations, chanting helps us surrender.  For those who cannot get silent in their mind, this is an excellent way to focus the brain into a meditative state.  “Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung” is and excellent healing chant (invoking the energy of nature) you can say in your head while lying down or sitting or doing a active meditation (like those mentioned).  There are even recordings of it, some with music, you download and can listen to.  There are numerous chants, research to find one that resonates with you.


Nature is healing.  Physical exercise, like walking or running, in nature is very meditative.  Gardening also has similar qualities for people who enjoy it; it’s physical, creative and in nature making it an excellent form of meditation.  The key is to be mindful when doing these activities and focus on your breath.  Try listening to a meditation chant while doing them.


You can simply focus on breathing to train your brain for meditation.  Start with 5 minutes, every day (for a week or two ) of breathing in for 5 slow counts with your nose and out for 5 slow counts with your mouth.  When you get comfortable with that, increase the time to ten minutes and so on.  I actually do this while showering, it combines the energy of cleansing with meditation style breathing; and I know I will take time to shower ever day so there are no excuses to avoid doing it!

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