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5 Ways To Develop, Trust And Follow Your Parental Intuition

Written by Gina Sendef

If you are a parent or caregiver, you have probably experienced situations with your children where your instincts about them were spot on.  In fact, you probably are almost always right, on some level, about what’s going in your child’s life, with their health, emotions etc…  Ever take your kid to the Dr. when they’re sick knowing exactly what the diagnosis will be?  You just seem to know when they are lying, or when their new friend is not going to be a good influence, or when they are burning out from stress.  When you think about it, parents seem to have a well-equipped guidance system that indicates when something is in need of attention.  But like any GPS, it only works IF we are paying attention AND following it.

As I have discussed in past OWL articles about intuition (7 Habits of Highly Intuitive People and 5 Ways to Recognize Divine Guidance), we are ALL intuitive.  Intuition is one of our senses; it’s how the spirit, the Universe and our higher self-communicates to us and guides us for our highest good.  It is also how we sense the energy of those close to us, leading us to gain insight into information that can assist us in a caregiving role.

When we have a strong energy bond with someone, like a child, we become intuitively connected to that person in a very deep and meaningful way.  Through this connection, we can tune into the feelings, health and well-being of another.  Our intuition helps us as caregivers; allowing us to have insight into health issues, emotional issues, behavioral issues and general safeguarding.  Our intuition is our most powerful parenting tool; learning to develop, trust and use it makes us better caregivers and guides for our children.

Here are 5 ways to develop, trust and follow your parental intuition:


As a parent, if you sense something isn’t quite right with your child (be it the information you are being given or their mood, etc…), do not just dismiss it.  Ask your kids questions, get details, tell them you feel something is not quite right and that you want to help.  Even if they are resistant, planting the seeds of caring is important and following your instincts helps to develop your intuitive senses.


Ever meet a new friend of your child’s and just feel in your gut it is not going to be a good relationship for them; only to be proven right later on.  I can retell countless times this has happened in my family (and my life in general); but not any longer.  When I get that “icky” feeling in my stomach about a person, I take note and proceed somewhat cautiously.  This might include more closely monitoring the relationship to verify if my gut feelings are correct, possibly limiting the amount of time my child spends with this person if actions are confirming what I sense or even communicating with my child about my concerns.  In the past, when I have dismissed my feelings and not taken some kind of action based on them, it has resulted in some toxic situations for my kids; never ignore your gut feelings, even when you cannot explain them.


Your intuition is a guidance system, not an explanation system.  You sense energy and can feel it in your gut because your Solar Plexus Chakra is tuning in.  Intuitive senses pick up on energy and energy doesn’t lie; but it also does not explain.  Lower vibrating, chaotic or toxic energy feels uncomfortable.  You might sense it as nausea, butterflies, aching or even overwhelming negative emotion (especially if you are energy sensitive).  This is your intuition reacting to energy and when it comes to your kids and keeping them safe, it will get your attention.  My rule of thumb is to never ignore these feelings just because I do not know exactly why they are occurring.  It really boils down to trusting yourself.


If you do not have faith in yourself, your intuition is useless.  Without self-trust, you will simply dismiss your feelings or talk yourself out of them.  You will miss out on the greatest guidance tool not only for your children’s well-being, but for your own well-being.  The best way to develop self-trust is to act as your own advisor and friend. We tend not to question the guidance of our closest friends, so simply start doing this for yourself.  Pay attention to and incorporate your intuitive feelings as part of your decision making (as a parent and otherwise).


If you feel strongly about something related to your child, but need further confirmation to act on it; ask for a sign.  I do this with my angels, but you can ask or pray for a sign in whatever way makes you comfortable. Simply state what you are feeling and request a sign to confirm if you should take action (like talking about the situation or person with your child or looking further into it, etc).  Sometimes, we get strong feelings something is wrong and you must consider taking action for the safety of your child.  I had this happen one night recently and felt so intensely I needed to contact my teenage daughter (who was at a friend’s house), so I asked for an immediate sign which came in the form of a tv commercial.  I followed my instincts and was able to intervene and prevent her from making a bad decision.  Feel, ask, decide and you will help your children in ways you cannot imagine.

Parental intuition is very real and very useful.  The amazing benefits of trusting your intuition will be felt in all areas of your life and will create a stronger bond in your family.  Start trusting your instincts; you are intuitive!

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