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5 Tools To Teach Kids About The Law Of Attraction

Written by Gina Sendef

The Law of Attraction (LOA) is quite simple; like energy attracts like energy. Since this is a universal law, it affects all matter in the universe, including all people.  This energy is basically everything (and everything is energy).  All living things have an energy vibration and even inanimate objects absorb energy; ever walk into someone’s home and felt an inexplicable and tense coldness?  Or a sincere welcoming warmth? That’s the energy of the space.

In essence, it is the energy vibration that resonates with other like energy vibrations; high vibrating energy resonates with other high vibrating energy and vice versa.  It’s the vibration of energy that creates the “attraction” in the Law of Attraction; and the nature of energy vibrations is either high or low.  Every person and an energy vibration.  The foundation for our individual energy vibration is self-love; it all starts within and that sets the tone for our personal vibration.  Typically, people with a high vibration tend to take excellent care of their bodies, their health (physical and emotional) and their well-being; all positive acts of self-care and love.

Other factors that contribute to our personal energy vibration are our thoughts, words, beliefs (conscious and subconscious), behavior, habits, what we expose ourselves to (people, entertainment, work, etc..) and whatever we put in on or around our bodies (food, personal care items, household cleaners, the environment, etc…).  All of these things also have a vibration that can either enhance our own high vibration or it can drag it down to a lower vibration.

Most of us learn about the LOA as adults, and typically only because we seek the knowledge for self-improvement, spiritual growth or to learn how to manifest our dreams.  But what if we taught these concepts to kids; showing them how to use the LOA and giving them ways to see it in action?  I have seen the way my own children have embraced these ideas and have used LOA techniques to help achieve their own goals; from my son getting a lead role in the school musical to my daughter getting an offer to play soccer in college and more.

When you give kids this information, you not only empower them to take responsibility  for the energy they bring to situations, you deepen your own awareness of it.  What we learn in childhood is very important, because it creates the foundation for our subconscious beliefs; and those beliefs can either propel us or hinder us.  Learning about the LOA as a kid (or teen/young adult) creates the possibility for a happier and more fulfilling future; filled with endless possibilities and countless opportunities to change and cope when circumstances are unpleasant.

Here are 5 tools to teach kids about the Law of Attraction:


This is a fun way to physically demonstrate that our thoughts do indeed become things.  Think of using the LOA like creating a painting.  You start with a blank canvas and, instead of paint creating your picture, your thoughts, words, beliefs and vibration does.  For this experiment, we will focus on our thoughts and words, which combine to make an intention.  State the intention that you would like to see a purple car; a rare color for vehicles, making this experiment meaningful.  To add extra energy, you can ask the universe or your angels (or whatever makes you feel comfortable) to help show you a purple car as soon as possible.  Try it for yourself first, it is really amazing when you see that first purple car.  My kids love doing this and it’s kind of fun on long trips!  You can try this with other color cars too.


Since the LOA is about energy, it makes sense to show kids there is energy within them and all around them.  This technique will allow you to actually feel energy; coming from your own vibration.  Rub your hands together several times, keeping them straight with fingers lined up (no space in between).  After 4-5 times of up and down rubbing, say “energy flow” and pull your hands 1-2 inches apart, palms facing each other.  You will fell any of the following; tingling, pulsing, heat, warmth, or all of the above.  This is energy; you are energy.


When you make your goals visible, you begin to attract energy in your favor to create them.  Once you decide what you want to create, and put intention behind it, the universe will conspire on your behalf; if your vibration is a match to the opportunities that can help you.  A vision board is a visual representation of what you want to create in your life.  It can be on a poster board, paper, a bulletin board, a wall, Pinterest, or whatever medium you chose to express what’s in your heart.  Use images and words to create your story and than keep place it somewhere you will connect with it frequently (my primary one is next to my bathroom mirror, but I also have many vision boards on Pinterest).  For,kids, their entire bedroom can be a vision board.  Give them the freedom to choose posters and decorative items that represent what they love and what makes them feel good.  My son is an actor and he has a bulletin board with programs from every play or musical he’s ever done, along with posters of Broadway musicals that inspire him.  Get focus on the vision, than get creative and have fun!


Words are magical (that’s why it’s called spelling).  Writing about our intentions puts a ton of focus and positive energy behind them; plus, it is a great compliment to a Vision board.  Start with a box that is visually meaningful; you can repurpose one, buy one or make one (a great craft project for kids).  Next, neatly write your intentions on individual slips of post-it sized paper.  These intentions can be anything; self-improvement goals, material items, business/career goals, projects and so on.  At the end of each intention, write something similar to the following phrase, “this or something better, God”.  This statement leaves the door open for unlimited opportunities.  I like to update this box every few months during the new moon, which has the energy of creativity and manifesting.  It’s fun to see what you have been able to create and think of new ideas to add (same goes for a Vision Board).


Gratitude is very high vibrating energy; it is aligned with love, joy and peace. When we are grateful for what we currently have, who we currently are and our current reality; we raise our vibration and become a match for creation on every level.  A gratitude jar is a spiritual practice, it is a way to consciously express thankfulness every day.  Start with a large jar and label it “gratitude” or something similar; you can also decorate the jar (another great craft project for kids).  Each day, on a small piece of paper, write something you are thankful for from that particular day or moment.  This is a great for an individual or a family to do together.  When the jar is full, review all you have been thankful for and start again (you can do this part monthly).  This practice will change your life, aligning you with positive energy and changing your perspective to one of sincere and unending appreciation; it’s honestly one of the most important things we can teach kids to do.

These five tools aren’t just for kids, adults can absolutely benefit from them as well.  The manifesting tools of a vision board, intentions box and gratitude jar combine to create a great spiritual practice for maintaining a higher vibration. Learning about the LOA doesn’t have to be complicated or boring.  Get creative and have fun, while teaching your (and yourself) kids invaluable life skills. There is a book by Pam Grout called “E2 (squared), None Do-it-yourself Energy Experiments”, which offers more ways to see the LOA and energy in action for yourself.  This would be a great and easy place to start and than share the information with your kids.  Happy manifesting!

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