5 Things Your Spirit Guide Is Waiting On Right Now

Susan Mullen
Written by Susan Mullen

We all have our own spirit guides, angels, and ascended masters who assist us in our daily lives. Some guides come in to help specifically with an issue and then leave. They will often confer with other guides or bring in specialists to help us fulfill our life’s journey during stressful or challenging times, but we have one main guide that is with us throughout our entire human life.

Our primary guide never leaves our side. They may bi-locate but they are always aware of our exact position on our path. Spirits guides thrive when their human assignment (us) becomes aware, and then believes in them, and especially when we seek to develop a relationship with them.

First, here are a few fun facts about spirit guides:

Spirit guides are light beings, but with a different agenda than angels. Guides are evolved, enlightened and highly qualified beings who have lived at least one human life. They sort of have ‘one foot on both sides of the veil’ so they can readily relate to us. They retain some human qualities such as the capacity to feel pain and loss so they can empathize on our level and with our choices as we may exercise our right of ‘free will’ to redirect an area of our life plan.


They will not save us from hardships, but they will guide us through and around them to allow us to experience so we can learn, grow, and evolve per the plan we had made with them before we arrived.

They have an authentic sense of humor and will use it in their communication. They are here to encourage us to lighten up and enJOY our lives.


They help us sharpen our clear-senses such as clairaudience – Some may hear a high-pitched ringing in one ear to show they are there, or when downloading information. And clairvoyance; they may flip an image or a word in our mind to answer a question. Our part is to trust what we get.


Here are 5 things your spirit guide is waiting on right now!


Even if this is a bit woo-woo, sincerely acknowledging his or her existence in your life goes a long way in opening the lines of communication. One way: Sit quietly with your eyes closed. When you feel centered, say out loud, “Hello, guide. I would like to thank you for guiding me in this life.” Pause. Then ask if your guide is male or female. You will receive an answer. Trust it!

2. A NAME.

Choose a name for your guide or ask their name. Our guides are just happy to be acknowledged and will quickly adapt to any name we pick. But we can also ask them what their name is. Try this: Do Step One above. Then ask him or her for their name or a name. You will get a name or even a word. Trust it!


Although they may be flying under your radar, once you’ve acknowledged their presence and have named them, invite them in by name. Involve them in your day to day decisions. Nothing is too big or too small to ask. Their time cannot be wasted. They have no other clients and nowhere else to be! You can try:

•    Call them in by name and ask a direct yes or no question that you haven’t decided yet. Trust what you get. Thank your guide. This seals the deal and completes a circle of trust.

•    Call on them with directions when you are lost. Ask ‘left or right’ when you must make a quick decision. Trust what you get and thank them. Sometimes it may not be the ‘way’ you were heading, but it may be a way that avoided an accident or an unsafe situation for you.

•    Ask them to help you sort out situations in your life. Maybe a work situation or one with your partner or spouse. Ask for direct clarity or insight. Your answer may show up as a song on the radio that speaks to you and sheds light, or you may overhear a conversation in line at the grocery store that helps you with your problem. Or you may suddenly read a license plate that you ‘just know’ is for you. Or you may receive an unexpected apology.  Spirit guides will often use other people or worldly means to communicate.

•    Ask them to come into your dreams to reveal anything that could help you with a specific issue or at this point in your life. Request that you remember your dreams. Thank them.


Keep your end of the relationship up. It isn’t easy to develop a relationship with an unseen being, no matter how sincerely we believe or feel. But a habit quickly forms as we acknowledge the signs and answers we receive.


Remaining open via asking and receiving sounds simple, but it takes a conscious and consistent effort. Don’t let ‘life’ get in the way of your line of communication with your spirit guide. Strive for daily interaction.

One thing that helps integrate it all is to have a notebook dedicated to your guide. Keep track of what you ask for and write down the answers and ways you receive as well as the synchronicities that suddenly show up. It is an instant motivator that keeps information flowing.

Our relationship with our spirit guide is one of the most natural we will ever have because there is no ego associated with light beings. There are no physical, emotional, or energetic barriers between them and us; only the ones we believe or create on our side of the veil.

Over time, you will develop your own unique lingo with your spirit guide. You will recognize the signs and answers with a deep ‘knowing.’ You will find yourself saying ‘thank you’ often as your relationship with your guide grows and flows with ease and in gratitude and trust.

I’d love to hear how you keep your relationship with your spirit guide alive!

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