5 Easy Tips To Creating A Peaceful Bedroom (Your Sanctuary)

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

You know that eating healthy is good for you, right?  You know that vegetables are good for you…and drinking plenty of water is good for you.  You know that exercise is good for you, too.  All of this contributes to your good health and well-being.  But…did you know that your living environment also impacts your health and well-being?  It sure does!

You may not be ingesting it through your diet…but the energy around you is absorbed by you. Simply put…what is going on within you is also reflected around you.

Imagine you had a horrible relationship with your partner…perhaps they were verbally abusive and treated you poorly.  You’ve finally separated and they have left.  You now have the apartment you shared all to yourself.  Except…every picture on the wall is of the two of you.  The furniture is based on your partner’s taste and style (not yours). The dinner table where you had the most arguments is where you sit to have dinner alone now.   Even though the partner is gone…is the energy of the things surrounding you supporting you or depleting you?  Keeping the living environment the same is not enhancing your desire for improvement.  In fact, it may very well be keeping you stagnant.

Practicing Feng Shui for over 15 years now, I’ve come to rely on the benefits. Nearly every time I practice it–I experience immediate results.  Feng Shui is all about energy and intention…and not the gadgetry (in my humble opinion). The tips below are common recommendations from most Feng Shui experts.  I generally recommend to start in the kitchen or your bedroom (since those are the two rooms most utilized in your home).

5 simple things you can do to create a peaceful bedroom:

1.  Paint your bedroom. 

A bucket of paint goes a long way to promoting health and well-being. Choose neutral skin tones that help you feel peaceful.  The bedroom is for sleep or love-making…so choose soft colors that enhance this for you.

2.  Clear the clutter.

If you’re going to paint, you’ll have to clear the room for it…so take advantage of this by removing all things that do not support who you are or where you want to go.  For example, when you’re cleaning or removing the decor in your room, do you feel it as a “dust collector” or do you re-appreciate it and LOVE it every time you clean it.  If you love it…keep it.  If not, give it away or give it new life and put in another room.

3.  Avoid clinging to memory and guilt.

Just because someone gave you the furniture or artwork doesn’t mean you have to love it or hold on to it simply because you don’t want to hurt another person’s feelings.  CLAIM your bedroom space and have it represent YOU. Guilt feelings are a very low energy vibration and ostensibly penetrate your energy (even though you think you’re doing something nice by holding on to the gift given to you).  Let it go with love or find a new place for it where you can appreciate it.

4.  Remove the TV.

Refer back to tip #1…your bedroom is for sleeping or love-making.  Going to bed with the last thoughts being whatever the nightly news gave you does not promote wellness (quite the opposite).  Your sub-conscious works all night long with the thoughts you give it…so nourish it with gratitude thoughts or a good book.

5.  Bed Placement.

Wherever your bed is placed make sure that what you see in front of you as you lay in bed is what you ABSOLUTELY LOVE or INSPIRES YOU and represents YOU (or both you and your partner).  Let the first thing you see in the morning and last thing you see at night nourish your soul (consciously and subconsciously).  NOTE:  No pictures of your children…that doesn’t promote the best love-making environment (reference tip #1).

Struggle and stress is often due to lack of recovery.  You body requires sleep (and the amount of time is different for everyone).  Most important, is that you give it the space to recover properly. This will only promote your well-being in all areas of life.

Your home energy either enhances you for the greatest good or depletes it.  Don’t believe me? Try some of the tips above for a few days and measure how you feel.  If it works…(and I believe it will)…you know what to do.  If it doesn’t…put it back.  No harm done.

Your bedroom shouldn’t be a place you land in every night.  You know you’re on the right track when the evening comes and the energy of the sanctuary you created is pulling you to your bedroom.  The moment you enter your bedroom…you’ll naturally slow down, breathe deep, and sink into the space you created.

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Maria Flynn

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