5 Angel Manifesting Games to Ignite the Law of Attraction

Written by Gina Sendef

Angels are our guardians and guides.  They are divine spiritual beings of love and light that work with humanity to help us in this lifetime, bringing us messages, guidance and help for our highest good. Guardian Angels are unique to each person; we each have our own team.  For some people this may be one angel, for others, it may be many, and you can always ask for more if you feel the need.

Angels abide by the spiritual laws of the Universe because those laws are for all of humanity.  The Law of Free Will means we each get to freely choose what we want to create in our lives and that the angels will not directly interfere in your life (unless you ask or if your life is in danger before your time).  The Law of Attraction means our energy vibration attracts what is a match to it (like energy), which becomes our lives.  Many factors contribute to our energy frequencies, including our thoughts, our beliefs, our self-care, our self-love, our energy-care, our choices, our surroundings, etc…

When we ask our angels directly for help with something, you create a strong connection of co-creation, enacting these universal laws.  Our angels can help us with manifesting pretty much anything, often giving us guidance to become a vibrational match so we attract our dreams, goals, and desires.  Think of it this way, if your child asked you for help with doing something, like homework, for instance, you wouldn’t just do it for them.  You would help them with advice, resources, ideas, and support.  This method works because the experience of learning and creating is valuable and results in growth and expansion; the same is true for the process of manifesting.

The more we understand energy and the role it plays in creating our reality, the better; it creates conscious manifesting and mindfulness.  The Angels are incredible teachers in this regard, and they like to make it fun, because joy is a high vibrating energy.  Learning to call on our Angels for help with manifesting can be positively life changing, all we have to do is ask!  A great way to become accustomed to how the Law of Attraction works, and how the Angels can help, is to simply try it for ourselves.

To do this, Think of your life like a blank canvas, and your intentions are what you want on that canvas.  Simply ask your angels for help with painting your picture!  Practicing with fun manifesting games will show you how powerful energy is and how incredibly helpful your angels are if you ask.  Here are 5 Angel Manifesting Games to help you ignite the LOA:

1. Purple Car:

Seeing a car is no big deal, but seeing an unusually colored car practically on-demand is!  The Purple  Car Game does just that.  This game teaches that “what” we want to manifest is where we need to focus, leaving the “how” in the hands of the Angels (or Universe, either work when manifesting).  Simply ask your Angels the following (aloud, in your thoughts or written), “Angels, please show me a purple car as soon as possible, and so it is”.  Then move on, do not overthink your request or focus on “how” it will appear.  Be very open to the ways your purple car will manifest; it could be an actual car, it might be a picture, it might be on Social Media, etc.  The possibilities are endless.

MANIFESTING TIP:  This is a great game to play on long car rides with kids to teach them about the LOA.

2. Get Present:

This is not about the present moment or meditation, it is about getting a present from your Angels!  This Angel Manifesting Game is a great teacher of surrendering and allowing, plus it is a wonderful way to shift your energy to sheer joy (who doesn’t love getting a present?).  To play, ask your Angels the following (aloud, in your thoughts or written), “Angels, please bring me a present within the next 24 hours and make me very aware when it manifests; thank you for the wonderful gift Angels!”  Now surrender and allow yourself to receive an unexpected present, and when it arrives, express your gratitude once again.

MANIFESTING TIP:  This is a great game to play when you are feeling low; getting an Angel present is sure to make you feel better.

3. Find a Penny:

Found coins are a sign from Angels and a sign of universal abundance.  If you can manifest money in any form, you can manifest any amount; the only limits that exist are the ones you set.  For this game, we use pennies, because most people do not put fear or doubt around attracting pennies.  To the Angels/universe, money is simply energy and any amount is possible to attract!  To play, ask your Angels the following (aloud, in your thoughts or written), “Angels, please bring me pennies in physical form asap; and so it is, thank you Angels!”  Now surrender and give thanks for every penny (or any coin) that comes your way.

MANIFESTING TIP:  Try bigger amounts of money with this game (like dollars), but not so big that you feel doubtful; this will align you with unlimited abundance more and more.

4. Call Me:

Ever think of a person and soon after he or she calls you, or you unexpectedly bump into each other?  That is the LOA in action.  This Angel Manifesting Game is about setting the conscious intention to have an encounter with a specific person, teaching a more advanced level of manifesting ability.  To play, ask your Angels the following (aloud, in your thoughts or written), “Angels, please have (say the name of person) communicate or meet with me in some manner asap, and so it is”.

MANIFESTING TIP:  Do not use this game to replace needed or urgent communication, rather for miscellaneous joyful encounters.


5. Playing Your Song:

Ever have a song on your mind only to hear it played in some manner within a few hours or so?  The same could be said for movies or television show episodes.  Just like the “Call Me” game, this Angel Manifesting Game teaches the LOA in action with the conscious intention for something that has likely happened before.  To play, ask your Angels the following (aloud, in your thoughts or written), “Angels, please play or show me (say the name of song or movie) in some manner asap, and so it is”.

MANIFESTING TIP:  You can also manifest a specific sign from your Angels using this technique; great if you need to confirm intuitive feelings about something or someone.

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