4 Why’s To Promote Your Soul As Leader Of Your Life

Susan Mullen
Written by Susan Mullen

We all have four distinct essences of our being that assist us in carrying out our life plan. Each has a specific purpose. And each one, at any given time, is the greatest influence of our choices.

These essences are: The Mind (ego), Body (physical), Spirit (the ‘personality’ of our current incarnation), and Soul (our original blueprint).

Each essence has an important role in helping our soul evolve and ascend, all of which occurs lifetime to lifetime via experiences, learning curves, and emotional/spiritual growth. An ‘old’ soul is an example of one who has experienced many lives and may return to be of light to their families of origin, others, and/or the world. They seem wise beyond their years because they don’t just hold onto, but share their accumulated wisdom.

Here are the 4 Essences:


The Mind-essence is where our rational, logical thinking happens. It’s also where the ego resides. The ego often gets a bad rap, but it has an important and challenging job; it keeps us human and relatable to one another. It teaches humility via swift learning curves. A healthy ego is aware of worldly traps but humble enough to stay in check so the person can share their purpose and add value to the world. One with an unhealthy ego may focus more on personal gain or power and material rewards all the while remaining disconnected from their part of the big picture which is to be of service over being right.


The Body essence is the soul’s temporary home. It’s a jumpsuit we borrow and then shed once our soul transitions home. Our body’s only job is to keep us here long enough to fulfill our current life’s plan and purpose. Our job is to support it and keep our body healthy so it can. Sometimes, our body is part of our current plan of evolvement; we may need to experience pain, loss, immobility, illness, disease, addictions, eating or body image disorders, and other incumbencies that ultimately allow us to learn love, compassion and non-judgment of self and others. When we can appreciate our beating heart or giving birth to another human being and not shame our bodies after, and reframe how we ask our bodies to handle our day to day stresses and social lives via not so healthy choices, then we are on the path to re-aligning with a deep love and a pure respect for the only real ‘roof’ we have.


Our Spirit essence is sometimes used interchangeably with our Soul essence. Our spirit, (not to be confused with the Holy Spirit, our spirit guides, or those in spirit on the other side), is our current incarnation’s personality – the current human reflection of our soul. When we say, ‘I love her spirit!’ We are acknowledging the most beautiful part of her soul’s current, human personality.


Our Soul essence is our original blueprint. Just as no two fingerprints are alike, no two souls are either. Our soul absorbs and carries our collective wisdom lifetime to lifetime which we earn through hardships as well as the good times. This allows us to evolve forward and ascend higher when returning home where we came from; on the other side, or heaven. (It is the same place it just depends on one’s vernacular). Our soul is the part of us that holds the map of our unique intuitive compass; our original pilot light given by our creator. It is the only part of us that journeys on. Every other essence is part of our perishable support team.

Our soul essence is our highest self, and so, by design is vying to be the leader of our life. It’s when we allow any of the other essences of our team to lead, that we can experience harsh learning curves on our path. This is why all of these essences are not ‘bad’ unless we deem them so. We need them! Learning, picking up and moving forward with grace is a point of being human and can take decades to acquire. Some of us are here for specific learning curves that we learn young, so we go home young. God, the Creator, or the Universe does not pick and choose; we do before we get here. We get to decide how deep we want our soul’s compassion and ability to love. And many times, it is by experiencing deep or harsh losses.

Remember: All roads lead home. We are always free to detour and choose (free will) how we handle the bumps and scenery. Sometimes it’s a walk in the park, other times, it’s a walk in the dark. And neither is right or wrong; both offer deep, valuable lessons.

To gain the most wisdom out of life’s twists and turns, promote your Soul essence as the leader of your life so as hard times and good times merge, you will be able to capture the gems out of each via your Soul Sight and move on with grace and dignity.


1)    You are already divinely equipped with your soul’s collective wisdom to navigate the stepping stones of your life. To not use our soul sight is like holding a candle but choosing to navigate in the dark.

2)    You will be able to instantly see the ‘why’s’ in tough times and with others, and be able to move forward lighter with just the gems (earned wisdom) while leaving the debris behind (hurt, anger).

3)    It just feels better. You will only be able to see others as Souls currently inhabiting a human body, too. This supersedes the Mind essence to allow compassion over judgement.

4)    You will have the answer to ‘Why do bad things happen to good people’. In fact, the question may not resonate as valid anymore.

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Susan Mullen

Susan Mullen

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