4 Ways to Clear Your Aura and the Amazing Benefits

Written by Gina Sendef

All people have an energy field that surrounds their bodies; this is our Aura.  The aura extends about 3 ft. from our bodies and is oval in shape, outlining our physical form in 7 layers of energy (each with its own color).

Each of the 7 Aura Layers corresponds to one of the 7 Major Chakras.  Our Auras and Chakras combine to create our personal energy vibration or frequency.  It is, in part, this vibration that attracts like energy through the law of attraction; making it imperative to understand not only the function of our Aura and chakras (which you can learn more about here LINK), but also how to care for the well-being of them.

Energy-care is a set of practices that help you maintain a higher vibration, making you a match to other high vibrating energy frequencies (like abundance, joy, peace, optimal health etc…).  Approaching energy-care with your Aura as a focus will help you maintain a higher energy vibration, positively impacting all areas of your life  (especially your health).  When it comes to energy care, the focus is on creating and maintaining and optimal, higher vibration with clearing or cleansing of negative energy and filtering or protecting from it as well.  Here are 4 ways to clear your aura and the amazing benefits for doing so.

1. Meditation:

Meditation is a spiritual practice.  There are many benefits of meditation, for energy care it absolutely helps to release negative energy and bring about more peace in your life.  It is also a way to connect with spirit and your higher self.  The best way to do this is through breath and silence.  The combination of deep, therapeutic breathing while quieting your mind is the most efficient way to get connected; but this is not easy for many people to accomplish.  It takes time and discipline; that’s why meditation is called a practice.  Unfortunately, most people give up on meditation because of uncertainty and frustration; leaving its many benefits for maintaining a higher vibration behind.  Here is an article with many ideas about creating a daily meditation practice: 6 Unexpected Ways To Meditate For People Who Think They Can’t

2. Aura Spray:

Essential oils are incredibly helpful in promoting many benefits for our wellness.  For energy care, they can be used for relaxation and energy clearing/protection.  Here is a recipe to create an Aura Spray that offers protection and clearing qualities, plus it smells great too (great natural air and fabric freshener).  Fill a spray bottle w distilled water and add 2-3 drops lavender oil, 2-3 drops sage oil, 1-2 drops rose oil.  Spray on yourself and in your space daily and as needed.  Be sure to use therapeutic grade oils.

3. Healing Crystals:

Healing crystals are gemstones that can be used for energy care and healing purposes.  The crystals come from all over the globe, and each one has a unique energy imprint that helps with healing certain physical and/or emotional issues, energy protection and enhancing spirituality/enlightenment. There are many of varieties of healing crystals available and countless ways you can use them; from jewelry and decor to healing and energy care.  Here is more information about using healing crystals for clearing your chakras and aura:  7 Ways Healing Crystals Improve Your Health 

4. Energy Protection:

Protecting your energy refers to being aware of your own vibration and field of energy; taking mindful action to keep your energy clear, balanced and high vibrating for your optimal well-being.  This helps to avoid getting drained, feeling overwhelmed, becoming anxious or manifesting physical symptoms (like pain or headaches).  Here is an article with 5 techniques: 5 Ways To Protect Your Energy and Stop Getting Drained

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