4 Signs You’re Having A Spiritual Awakening

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

TV, Drama, meaningless conversations bore you and have been taken over by an unexplainable yearning for more in your life.  You have questions…but at the same time, your not sure what to ask.  Are you possibly having a spiritual awakening?

You’ve done everything that’s expected to bring you a good life, yet now you’re experiencing an internal pull that comes up empty.  Surely, there has to be something more to life, right?  From personal to professional…you find yourself re-examining every part of your life.

To be sure, this is a good thing…

Frankly, if more people were thoughtful enough to pause and reflect and search, perhaps we’d experience more waves of joy and fulfillment versus continued investment in the things that numb our brains and keep us distracted. The inner work and expansion are where the answers reside and NOT in the outer accumulation of things.

The inner work and expansion are where the answers reside and NOT in the outer accumulation of things. Click To Tweet

Here are some definite signs you may be experiencing a spiritual awakening:

1. Evaluating Friendships

You’re suddenly aware of the friendships that nourish your soul versus those that drain you. You’re paying closer attention to the exchange of energy between you and your friends.  You notice how you’re being received when you share your self, your good news and something is “off.”

Perhaps you’re considering canceling meeting your buddies for that regularly scheduled Friday night beer.  Instead, you’d rather invest time alone or reach out to a select few who you think would bring more to the table by way of deeper and more meaningful conversations.

2. Evaluating Your Food

Labels on every food you buy have become very important.  Quick, easy…and a long shelf life are not pre-qualifiers for “good” food.  Not even a coupon will draw you into buying anything with ingredients you can’t pronounce. Your food intake is directly impacting your consciousness and while you can’t explain it, you must remove the things you believe are clogging your energy and keeping you from your best health.  Organic, Non-GMO, and Farm to Table feel like music to your ears and you make room in your budget to invest in the foods and the farmers who make this available.

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3. Minimalize

You’re finding a connection with the material things around you and in your home.  You may not see it as energy per say, but you’ve become deeply aware of how the things around you make you feel.  Decluttering has become a priority and planning days and weekends to clean up your environment is on the schedule.

Finally, you’re able to part with things once difficult to let go of…except now you can let go with gratitude and a sense of release and relief and even healing.  You’re clearly seeing the things in your home and identifying what doesn’t represent who you are nor where you want to go.

4. Harmony

Your sense of connectedness with the Universe takes on a new meaning.  Moon cycles, seasons, climate, fabrics, aromas, textures….indeed EVERYTHING works in harmony.  Your new awakened self feels it inside and the unexplainable yet profound depth of it all has become HIGHLY valuable to you.  Now you want to experience more so that harmony is your life and not moments in your life.  Harmony is living with the rhythm and flow of the Universe.


This new WIDE and EXPANSIVE awakening is an ongoing journey that provides you a deeper and more meaningful perspective about your life—giving way to your own healing and overcoming from past hurts.  Without the need to know, “what you get out of awakening your spirituality,” you innately know you’re on the right track.

The profound impact of Spiritual awakening is not only healing for you but suddenly you realize the impact you have on the world around you and you now have a strong desire to live a meaningful life.  Yes… there is more to life than just the stuff and the things…MUCH MORE.  Your choices in every moment create a rippling effect that you innately know impacts you and the people around you. No exceptions.

Evaluating your lifestyle and lifestyle choices is a natural part of spiritual awakening and a great sign you’re on the right track.  For sure, you’ve increased your own ability to love more, be more compassionate, and let go what doesn’t serve you.  Keep GOing.  Keep GROWing.

Indeed, you’re Divinely designed to grow and outgrow your present state and circumstance (no matter where you are in your life) and so… not implementing the things that support your own Spiritual Force feels like a betrayal to self.  Pay attention to the contrast here…it holds deep wisdom for you. Keep GOing.  Keep GROWing.

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Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn

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