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4 Common Phrases That LIMIT Abundance

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

Abundance is not just about the money.  When properly understood, abundance is WHOLE living with abundance in all areas of life (financial, relational, spiritual, physical, and mental).  Abundance is tapped into the success principles of FLOWmentum which weighs heavily in your favor (especially when real life downturns happen).

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Activating the success principles of FLOWmentum, includes looking at your language.  What you say AMPLIFIES and INFLUENCES the energetic flow of abundance you seek.  Conversely, it can also SLOW it down.

Beware if you use these phrases (especially if you use them often and out of habit):

1. “I’ll Try.”

How often do you say this about anything?  When you get an invitation to a party, do you reply with, “I’ll try to be there”, but you really don’t intend to be there at all?  Of late, the “I’ll try” automated response weighs more heavily with the energy of non-commitment, yes?  Non-commitment is energy and influences everything else in your life, too.  Remember, everything is energy and energy is EVERYTHING.  No exceptions.

To be sure, without actually trying you’ll miss every opportunity of success, too.  The power of trying includes actually DOING IT and being open and prepared for the results (success or fail).  From there, new and more inspired ideas moving toward your desires awaken and become STRONGER in support of FLOWmentum.

2. “No Problem.”

How do you reply after someone expresses gratitude for YOU?   The energy of this reply is like needles poking holes slowing down your FLOWmentum.  “No problem” used as a replacement to “your welcome” or even better “my pleasure” is leveling DOWN the energy you want simply because you’re bringing awareness to problems!   If you want less problems in your life, I’d encourage you to start by eliminating this word from your vocabulary.

3. “It’s not fair.”

This response is a reaction to life (and not a response).  Continuous action and work toward what you want will include successes and failures and BOTH are good—providing the necessary data you must have to know what works and what doesn’t.  “It’s not fair” stated out loud brings negative attention and energy to yourself.  This is far removed from empowerment and ABUNDANCE.

I love how Josh Felber outlines this statement in his article, 7 Sentences Successful People Never Say, “Unfairness is something you have to get used to. Success is not gifted to you—you have to work to earn it, and in the midst of doing that you need to show you deserve it.”


4. “I should have.”

This one is loaded with the energy of REGRET.  Without even diving into what this does to you by way of energy, I want to bring attention to the energy you feel around it right now by seeing it written and saying it out loud to yourself.  Go ahead… say it.  What do you feel?

When you use this in common exchange and communication, you draw the energy of greater LACK to yourself.  “I should have” begins the flow of lack of self-acceptance and removes you from the power a moment has for you.  It shrinks the potential to see what’s possible because your attention isn’t there the moment you speak it.

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