3 Ways Angels Help Heal Past Life Issues

Written by Gina Sendef

Your souls journey is not limited to one lifetime.  Past lives are an integral part of your personal ascension.  Learning how to recall past lives that are can teach you so much about yourself, your current lifetime, and your purpose.

Our past lives are not actually in the past, they impact our current life because the energy imprint of them is not constricted to time or space; we remain connected to it.  The lifetimes from your past can be active in your current energy vibration right now.   Exploring past life healing is about part recollection part release and healing.  The Angels are great guides in this process because they Divine guardians and guides.

Persistent present life issues, like toxic relationships or financial struggles, can actually stem from past life events or trauma.  Uncovering the source of these issues means deep healing is possible, and that can help with making positive changes and overcoming otherwise inexplicable energy blocks.  Here are 3ways Angels help heal Past life issues:

1. Recollection (not regression):

Recalling situations, events, injuries or traumas from past lives can help lead us to healing and releasing the energy connection that is impacting our present life in negative ways.  It is not necessary to relive or revisit these painful experiences in detail (regression).  All we need to heal is guidance and awareness.  Angels can lead us to this information, guidance is their job after all.  There are many techniques, rituals, readings and methods to do this; you can start with this simple intention below during meditation:

“Angels please make me aware of past life experiences that are creating blocks or sabotaging my present life”; trust what you see, feel, sense during mediation after using this intention.

2. Severing restrictive vows:

Vows are a common spiritual practice and part of most religions.  Historically, vows of poverty and sacrifice were much more common than  people realize; creating the energy of lack and poverty.  If you struggle financially (or with your love life) and cannot seem to overcome the issues, almost like you have “bad luck”, past life vows may be part of what is blocking you.  If you feel this could be impacting your present life, use the mantra below to begin to release the energy:

“Archangel Michael please release all negative past life experiences and release any vows of poverty or vows that prevent my success that I may have taken in all directions of time.  Please cut any negative energy cords to these vows and experiences from past lives.  Please heal my heart at the the time these occurred and now.  I am safe and I am loved.  And so it is”

3. Trauma energy release:

Everything we experience in a lifetime leaves an imprint on our energy.  Trauma, emotional or physical, can leave us connected to all the negative energy and emotions of an event, even from past lives.  When you gain awareness of a potentially traumatic event from a past life, seek the assistance of a trusted Reiki practitioner, who works with Angel guides, to help you release the energy and heal the past; it is possible to do at the time of the occurrence because Reiki healing is not restricted by time or space.

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