3 Main Differences Between Angels and Spirit Guides 

Written by Gina Sendef

Each person has a spiritual team that helps encourage and guide them in this lifetime; I like to call it our Celestial Guidance Team.  They’re made up of Angels and Spirit Guides and this team can help you in bringing more peace, joy, love and harmony into your life.

Angels are Divine spiritual beings of unconditional love and light, never human, that work with humanity to help us in this lifetime. Guardian angels are unique to each person; each person has his or her own team.  For some people this may be one angel, for others it may be many; and you can always ask for more if you feel the need.  Archangels are a higher elevation of angelic energy that work with all of humanity, each serving a different purpose in helping people.  All Angels respect your free will and won’t directly interfere in your life unless asked, or, if your life is in danger before your time.  The primary mission of Angels is peace on Earth, which happens one person at a time.  So the Angels help us be more peaceful with guidance, healing and inspiration; communicating with us through our intuitive senses.  Just asking your Angels for help will make you feel more peaceful.

Spirit Guides are benevolent and wise souls who have usually lived many lifetimes.  These souls elevate in energy through their experiences and desire to help others (think of it as an advanced level of soul energy, like a Doctorate degree).  On a soul level, you connect with your spirit guide before birth and they agree to help you learn certain lessons in this lifetime.  Spirit Guides also connect with humans through their intuitive senses and bring comfort through their very real understanding of the human experience.  Seeking help from your Spirit Guide is like asking a trusted friend for advice, only this friend is among the wisest and kindest of souls.

Learning to understand the differences between Angels and Spirit Guides can be quite important.  They are here to truly help us, but the ways in which they can best serve is enhanced by your understanding.  As an Intuitive, I often have clients leaning on Spirit Guides for assistance in ways that are better suited for Angels, or simply not possible for a Spirit Guide.  To help bring clarity to how you can best use your Celestial Guidance Team, here are the 3 main differences between Angels and Spirit Guides:

1. Ego:

Angels do not have human nature or an ego, they are Divine spiritual beings.  Their love is pure and truly unconditional, in a way that humans cannot fully comprehend.  Judgment and negativity do not exist in their realm, therefore, they never respond with anything but love and light.  Spirit Guides were human.  They are an elevated and benevolent spiritual energy, but they still have a connection to a human ego.  A spirit guide cannot love and guide us in as unconditional a way as angels.  Spirit Guide energy is like connecting with a close and loving friend.  Angelic energy is like connecting with a state or peace, love and acceptance that is beyond anything human; it is truly Divine.

2. Divinity:

Angels are universal messengers; a true extension of the Divine (or God) energy.  Their guidance is tied to our highest good and the greater good.  Spirit Guide guidance is very wise, but it focuses more on our life path and the lesson the guide agreed to help our soul complete.

3. Manifesting:

Spirit Guides offer wisdom and advice.  Angels give intuitive guidance that is aligned with manifesting.  The Angels help us co-create as part of their mission; we are here to manifest our lives.  The Angels can bring you Divine inspiration and serendipitously act on your behalf to manifest your dreams (especially those aligned with your Life Purpose and/or more peace).  Miracles can happen with the Angels.

Understanding these differences can help you work more effectively with your Angels and Guides.  They truly are a team and you can call on both your guides and Angels for help; I suggest always seeking Angelic help first (because it is Divinely orchestrated) and allow your Angels to bring in your Spirit Guides as needed.  Spirit Guides can be helpful with counsel related to the experiences of being human; they offer compassion.  Angels are amazing at guidance for manifesting peace, healing, Divine inspiration and abundance; these Divine beings are truly limitless and miraculous.

There are many techniques designed to connect with and/or meet your guides and Angels.  For the Angels, the sincere desire and request for help is all that is needed; just start a conversation.  Please be mindful of how you are calling on the energy of Spirit Guides.  I have had clients use various meditations or rituals which allowed in energy that was problematic.  I always suggest asking your Angels to help make the connection, they are much higher energy and serve to protect us.  In fact, you can choose to rely on your Angels to lead your Celestial Guidance Team and leave the entire process of Divine guidance with them; simple and highly effective for your highest good.

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