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3 Key Steps BEFORE Seeking Intuitive Guidance

Susan Mullen
Written by Susan Mullen

The very first step to connecting with your intuition is embracing that you are, indeed, intuitive.

Intuition is the energetic connection to source information, and it is sensed (delivered) through the body. Our work is to translate and trust it.

We can’t play ‘prove it’ with our intuition because this energy source isn’t designed to prove, it is designed to share information. It’s rooted in a relationship of trust between our soul (higher self) and the channeled information that is up for translation.

The very first step to connecting with your intuition is embracing that you are, indeed, intuitive.Click To Tweet

Just like we know we use our hands to write, most of us probably do not know that the Opponens Pollicis muscle just beneath the fleshy part of our thumbs allows us to hold the pen. We don’t need to know every single muscle in our bodies, physicians do. But there is a myriad of bones beneath the skin holding us together. If we choose to work with or develop any muscles, they will respond by growing in strength. Intuition works in a similar way. It is part of our unseen energetic database, developed in strength with use.

When we prepare for an intimate dinner party, we typically prepare the dining room by setting a table so there is a contained space to offer maximum enjoyment, eye to eye interaction, as well as the array of tools for feasting so we can engage our senses of smell, touch, texture and taste. Alternately, a minimally invested way to gather with people to consume food could be sitting around the living room with take-out while glancing at our phones. The latter just doesn’t provide a lot of information for our senses. And it is our sensitivity that help us translate intuitive information. This type of container has energetic walls up so we’d instantly lose the sensory aspects of connection.

Here are 3 Key Steps Before Seeking Intuitive Guidance

1. Create Your Container:

  • Close your eyes and imagine your hand swiping right, pushing your mind’s chatter away while promoting it as guardian of the gate: No patterned thinking or judgment calls allowed.
  • Request a sacred container of white space (observe whatever shows up and go with it) with the intention that any intuitive sensations, images, feelings, or words filtered through your body land there. Tapping into our intuition is a sensory experience. There’s little logic associated so by assigning our mind essence a job that serves our intention, our soul can more clearly discern and interpret.

2. Prepare to Receive:

Notice where your inquiry is rooted. WANTING to receive and being AVAILABLE to receive are different energies. This question means, ‘Can you accept what you get over what you want?’

  • Remaining open and curious is crucial to receiving with clarity. When we turn the logistics of making decisions over to our mind essence because we know she’ll show us all the pros and cons and offer ways to placate the status quo so we can avoid unnecessary upheaval or make a ‘mistake’ or ‘mis-step’ on our path. (We don’t, we create outcomes that cause personal and spiritual growth). But when we seek assistance from our spiritual team, God, our guides, angels, and the Universe by consulting our Soul essence to do intuitive translation, we are showing we are in our spiritual power position. It’s this delicate relationship of trust that allows our truth to land as resonant, especially if it’s information what we don’t want to receive. What truly resonates on our soul level cannot be denied because it’s an inner exchange of energy with no outward, worldly interference.

3. Focus on one area (at a time):

Intuitive information best serves the now and our next steps. It is a tool to alert us and guide us.

  • An example: ‘Is this job or opportunity a good fit for me right now?’ (Again, not asking about the length of time…just if it’s your Next Move at this time). If we planned our lives knowing our future end-outcomes, we would miss out on the experiences, businesses, wins, losses, personal growth, relationships, challenges, and memories that grow us forward. Circumstances are designed to evolve and change in and out of our lives.

If we never took a chance, we’d miss valuable opportunities we came here specifically to experience in this lifetime. So, adding ‘right now’ to your inquiry matters to the quality of your result.

These steps can be used before meditation, yoga, and before going to sleep at night if you want to seek guidance via dreamtime.

They will enhance your overall intuitive experiences and take just minutes when used consistently.

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Susan Mullen

Susan Mullen

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