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3 Archangels I Rely On For Help and Guidance

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

Life doesn’t mean having to go at it alone.  There’s a full team of support just waiting for you to ask for guidance. In this article, I’m covering 3 Archangels who I work with the most…but truly…every angel and archangel is always available to you.

Archangels want you to ask them for help and they LOVE working on your behalf for your greatest good.

Never fear working with Archangels.  Their energy comes from pure Divine love. If you’ve never worked with Archangels (and you’d like to)…here’s a few you’ll want to get to know and why.  They simply need to hear from you FIRST (through your thoughts or your spoken word) before they intervene:


The most well known of Archangels and an incredible Archangel of support, protection, and courage. If you consider yourself an empath, you’ll love working with Archangel Michael!

Think of Archangel Michael as your “power” angel.  He’s most well known for protecting your body, your loved ones, and your belongings (your home).  I’ve also asked Archangel Michael to help me fix my electronics (I think you know how frustrating that can be).

You can call on Archangel Michael and ask him to give you signs that he’s around.  When you call on Archangel Michael, you can ask him to be with you, and you can ask him for courage and strength. You may feel a warm beautiful flow of loving energy around your heart.  His buoy of support and courage is essential when you must interact with people you’re unsure of (Archangel Michael can help you through it).

You can also ask Archangel Micheal to be with loved one’s who could use some support and courage if they’re going through a difficult time.  His color is royal purple, royal blue and gold. If you’re needing an extra boost of courage, you can invite Archangel Michael’s energy of courage by wearing these colors in some way (you’ll feel connected and open to Archangel Michael’s guidance).


Most well know for his healing, Archangel Raphael works closely with healing practitioners around the world (including Reiki Healers).  Healing with the help of Archangel Raphael isn’t only for illnesses, but also “broken hearts” and relationships.

Archangel Raphael is also regarded as the patron of travelers (keeping travelers safe and healthy before, during and after a journey).  Ask for Archangel Raphael’s help when you’re feeling stressed or ill and you may see emerald green in your mind’s eye letting you know he’s there.  Very often, cures manifest almost instantly—or you’ll receive inner guidance about what to do to aid in your healing.

I recall having to pack at the end of a week long trip and we were crunched for time because of our tight schedules. Rushing to get it together, I was suddenly stricken with a debilitating migraine headache.  I had to stop and lay down (I even had trouble even opening my eyes).  I asked Archangel Raphael for help after about 20 minutes of massive pain and stress knowing we had to be out by a certain time.  Suddenly, my mind heard “water”—it was clear and concise and it wasn’t coming from me.  I quickly realized that I had not had enough water due to the hectic schedule of the previous few days and I was dehydrated! After drinking water, my headache dissipated and I was able to get back to packing and get back on the road in time.

Archangel Raphael’s color is emerald green.  Wearing this color feels healing especially when you’re dealing with an illness.  Physically wearing the color that represents this Archangel is a subtle way to re-emphasize and remind yourself to not only ask for help but also be open to receive the guidance.


Having trouble expressing yourself? Ask for Archangel Gabriel to help you. He is an excellent guide for messengers like teachers, parents, counselors, speakers, writers, artists and actors.

I ask Archangel Gabriel to help me when I have to deliver a difficult message, or explain something clearly to my children.  The words to follow after asking for his help with communication flow through you with love and clarity and when you’re done communicating, you’ll wonder, “where did that come from?”  Rest assured, you were assisted by Archangel Gabriel.

His color is copper, and if you’re drawn to this color or metal, perhaps consider exploring ways you can communicate your ideas. This may be a step into and toward your Soul Truth (your gift)...answering your purpose.

Never fear asking for help from Archangels and there’s no such thing as asking too much.  Archangels are ever present and omnipotent (able to help more than one person at a time).  You can ask for yourself and others, daily and even more often (if you need it).

Practice asking and also practice receiving.  Pay attention to the signs around you and the thoughts that seem to “come out of nowhere.”  Rest assured, the Archangel you requested help from is guiding you.  Lastly, expand the love they have for you by thanking them for the assistance.

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