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2 Ways to Soar Through Eclipse Season with a Salty Side of Mercury Retrograde

Susan Mullen
Written by Susan Mullen

Eclipses are the Universe’s way to level the energetic playing field on earth, in part, by helping us redirect old energy, beliefs, patterns, and make space for grace. It’s a beautiful energetically supportive time to clean house and truly thrive in mind, body, soul, spirit.

It’s a time of allowing big purges so big purposes have a fighting chance to be seen, heard, and rise to the top. A time to welcome bolder ways of moving forward. IF we allow it.

We’re noticing tugs of consciousness. Eclipses offer this…an amplified polarity between light and dark, new and old, confusion and clarity, losses of all kinds, so we can re-choose, renew, redesign, release, rebuild.

Feel the feels.

Emotions can, and will most likely, be exaggerated. Circumstances will change instantly. Animals and people are leaving this plane of existence suddenly, unexpectedly, and in harsher ways than imagined. Some animals are leaving us to help other animals who are being sacrificed by human greed in one way or another… to help them readjust to the other side. We’re noticing extremes across the board, highs, lows, bridges and buildings burning flat, maybe feeling ready to take on the world, then deflated, uninterested within hours.

With five planets currently in retrograde during this eclipse season, with Mercury being a tart side dish smack in the middle, we are all experiencing extreme symptoms of ascension; receiving rapid downloads, activations, directives, and choices that recalibrate our compasses.

Being conscious of where and how we’re deflecting these gorgeous offerings is imperative to if and how we receive these blessings.

Our hearts are cracking just to let more light in…maybe even breaking, while smiling through tears or growth, being stretched to hold even more love and compassion in ways that feel foreign yet oh so right, while, maybe our minds are still trying to win the day by over-talking, over-thinking, over-doing, and over-exaggerating, over-judging, reverting to all sorts of feelings and misuses of communication.

You’re not crazy, (neither are ‘they’). Give yourself and everyone around you an extra 20 feet of personal space through early September.

Eclipse portals open the door to our subconscious. They’re designed to poke around, dig, and weed out the old, worn out thoughts, beliefs, people, ways of being and seeing, to make space for what’s next. (Not to refill).

It’s important to release what’s being asked to go while not feeling a need to refill the container. Space is how we breathe, feel lighter.

This is an opportunity to align our words, thoughts, actions, feelings. Notice misalignments, feel for congruency. Be kind over being right.

It’s a time of clear connections to other realms, our spiritual team, and to those across the veil; hearing, smelling, seeing, as the veil is much thinner.

A salty side of Mercury Retrograde presents situations that allow us to reexamine the past; patterns, thoughts, people. Imagine yourself in the corner of any space – energetic or physical – and imagine what your highest self would want you to do, say, or be so you could evolve forward while allowing the cast of characters in front of you to do, be, say, the same.

When your grace is met with grit ask – How is this serving?

Seek the takeaway, then go in peace.

GET conscious. BE better. AIM higher.

Here are 2 Ways to Soar thru Eclipse Season with a Salty Side of Mercury RX:


You’re experiencing an energetic / soul cleanse. Float through your days consciously in full awareness that what is happening around you and to you is happening FOR you. You are not in control, you are a witness. Place yourself at the top of any wave to ride it, not available to be pulled to the currents beneath it. Pick your peace in every exchange of energy through September. No exceptions.


Self-care cannot exist without self-awareness. This level of self-care goes above and beyond daily maintenance. This kind of energetic upheaval, which IS serving the greater good, commands us to be at the top of our conscious game:

EAT high vibration foods. Be aware of processed food-like items and animal flesh. These times require the real deal in body fuel.

DRINK water equal to your body weight in ounces. (If you weigh 140lbs, drink 140 ounces of water per day). Water is our body’s equalizer in energetic transitions.

BE with animals, trees, nature, sun, sand, salt, sea, lake, alone. What we receive from other sentient beings, outside of our own species, is salve to our souls during big energetic upheavals. Retreat. Sleep. Mind your Yes’s and No’s. Allow nature and animals to serve you and this earth in the way they were divinely designed. And in (re)turn, you will find your peaceful place among this gorgeous garden.

THINK less, feel more. Give your mind a much needed vacation. This is an opportunity designed to evolve your soul.

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Susan Mullen

Susan Mullen

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