2 Ways to Remain Mindful in a Fast-Paced World

Susan Mullen
Written by Susan Mullen

Many of us are feeling the tugs of home; feeling homesick for a place we can’t quite describe, simultaneously feeling the need to nourish, light, heal ourselves and assist those walking beside us here on earth. It’s real. You are here to make an impact then go home, but also remain mindful in a fast-paced world.

If you’re intuitive, empathic, or one who connects easily with others, the spirit and angelic realm, mother earth, or cross-species connections through animals, you may be feeling the illusion of a rapid uptempo more than others.

It feels to many as if ‘time’ is shifting faster than we can align, like there’s never enough time in a day, or noticing birthdays seem to come more quickly than achieving last year’s goals. We find we’re asking ourselves, ‘Where does the time go?’ or ‘When did my child become an adult?’

It isn’t that ‘time’ is tic-tocking any faster (it isn’t), it’s that we’re feeling more as a collective as the veil between this dimension and the next dimension (and dimensions) are thinning to transparent levels. They are. If you’ve ever wanted to communicate with guides, animals or angels, the time to jump on the learning curve is now. They have always been accessible, but are more available and accommodating now. And, anytime transparency presents itself we can gather more information.

Do you remember experiencing ‘growing pains’ as a child? It was a physical pain when your limbs expanded faster than your body could accommodate. Although it causes a temporary discomfort (okay, the growing pains in my legs were excruciating…no wonder I ended up taller than my sisters!), it was a natural part of my body’s response to my soul’s rapid advancement. (Our soul will naturally advance whether all, some or none of our essences are aware).

Growth Happens! It will happen throughout our lives and via all our essences and experiences. Our job is to make space for it. All growth expands our souls with or without our conscious awareness attached.

Transparency awakens our senses at once and can create an illusion of time seemingly moving faster than we can gather the gems from the lessons offered. And mindfulness is an excellent awareness to help us remain grounded, keeping one foot on home base (earth) while playing the field in a fast-paced culture. It’s balance and harmony. And it’s important to remember we are here to learn and evolve forward while being conscious earth mates to one another while having direct access to spiritual beings in the multilayered higher realms.

2 Ways to Remain Mindful:


We arrive and we leave this earth with a single breath. Breathing is a physical measurement of our soul’s current incarnation. Awareness is a goal of mindfulness, but how often do we consciously invoke our breath as a source of consciousness? Nothing grounds us faster than stopping to notice our breath as it enters, nourishes, then exits our bodies, releasing tensions and offering a chance to ask ‘Where am I?’ This one act can instantly bring us down from the trenches dropping us back into our bodies. This allows us to tap into our body’s unique rhythm allowing our mind/ego essence to step aside, supporting our soul essence to discern and lead with clarity.


Mindfulness imparts choosing to remain or become embodied while feeling the pull of the stars. This is a dichotomy of being a spiritual being in a temporary human condition. This awareness reminds us to stay a steward of our physical experience knowing the celestial garden is a constant support, not destination. (We’ll return soon enough). Knowing we are souls that can never extinguish, experiencing as temporary earthlings, it is essential to our big picture that we embrace our physical journey step by step and lesson by lesson and not rush it.

We are all designed with an inner GPS set to ‘the way home,’ but it is a disservice to our soul’s expansion if we speed, ignore the rules of the road, or seek and value shortcuts.

We will all eventually reach our destination. Our goal is to have a more vibrant soul via profound human experiences and by honoring the journey with mindfulness.

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Susan Mullen

Susan Mullen

Susan Mullen is an intuitive, animal communicator, best-selling author, and certified intuitive coach. She writes, speaks, and teaches about abundance, the power of perspective, and intuitive living via harmony in mind, body, and spirit/soul.
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