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7 Things To Remember When You’re In Love With An Empath

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

Simply put, loving an empath is different, and so you have to remember to love them differently, too.

Empath (definition):  [noun] a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.

Different is not a bad thing. In fact, if you’re lucky enough to be in love with an empath and they love you back, then you have the kind of love that can be OUT OF THIS WORLD.

1. Be Honest.

Practice the art of being honest and speaking from your heart (no matter how difficult).  The moment you step away from this, your empath lover will know IMMEDIATELY. Empaths feel the whole truth and they’ll know instantly when you’re not truthful and when you leave something out, too.  You’re not saving anyone anything by leaving it out. Empaths will know. No exceptions.

2. Respect Their Alone Time

Empaths cherish alone time. Give your empath lover the gift of alone time. Gifting this to them will win the heart of your empath lover 100 times over simply because it’s hard for empaths to ask for this in the first place! It’s true… empaths love so much they leave themselves last and rarely request alone time.  Instead of waiting for the request, give it to them and give it as often as possible.

Empaths need more alone time than your average person. Don’t be afraid of this gift. It’ll likely bring both of you closer together in the end.

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3. Respect Their Brain Power

Empaths don’t think like the average person.  Empaths see and feel the world around them differently because they see and feel the whole story.  It’s because of this that empaths tend to respond to situations and rarely react to them.  It’s because of this that empath often come up with different conclusions and ideas. Respect it (even if it feels foreign).  Even better, trust it!  You’ll benefit trusting what an empath shares with you. Their ideas don’t require validation from a school. They just know.

4. Inspire Them To Explore NEW

Empaths will nearly always lean to being where they know it’s safe from the world around them. Inspire them to try new things!  Surprise them with loving gifts that include music concerts, art exhibitions, or travel.  Empaths love to learn and absorb art and nature and culture (you just have to encourage them to get out there to experience it).  Inspire them to explore what’s new.

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5. Don’t Complain or Try To Change Them.

Empaths are sensitive. Period. Don’t complain about this. Don’t try to change this, either. Instead, see their sensitivity as the gift that it is. When you learn to embrace this, you can support this wonderful gift of sensitivity and empower them.  This may very well support you both into becoming a true “power couple.”

6. Show Affection Without The Need For Sex

Show affection and let her know you want to be with her because of her (and not because you want something from her).  Affection doesn’t have to be elaborate nor a big display. In fact, you’ll likely find that snuggling on the couch watching her favorite movie is perfect for her.

Remember #2 above, too.  Too much affection that leans into clingy is a big TURN OFF.

Loving an empath means loving every quirky thing about them. Their hearts break daily and your love and commitment will keep them strong. Click To Tweet

7. Others will love them, too

Empaths make excellent friends and when given proper nurturing, become excellent leaders, too.  Their emotional intelligence is high and therefore, naturally attract people to them. Don’t be afraid to let others love them, too. Empaths are committed individuals, and if they picked you as their lover, they’ll stay true. The fact that others demand their attention is not a reason to fear. Instead, admire their ability and desire to help others.

Is there anything you’d add to this list, please share below.

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