Your Secret Psychic Ability Is Revealed In This EQ Test

Written by onewiselife

This is fun quiz with interesting results about your secret psychic ability revealed through an EQ (Emotional Quotient) Test.

Some results include:

  • You are a powerful psychic. You know things that you shouldn’t know and see things that aren’t there. It freaks some people out, but you’re used to it. You’ve been this way your whole life. You might, though, be even more powerful than you realize. Hone your ability. Learn to use it, and you will be rewarded. Share the news with everyone you know!!”
  • You are psychic, but you might not know it because you’ve been denying your own ability. How else can you explain some of the strange things that happen? Vivid dreams that come true? Knowing who is calling or texting before you look at your phone? Running to help a friend before they tell you they’re in trouble? Face it. You have powers.
  • Your emotional intelligence quotient shows that you are a little psychic. You have a small amount of psychic ability. It comes to you occasionally in prophetic dreams, or strange thoughts. Have you ever heard a little voice telling you that something was wrong? That was your psychic ability giving you a warning. Listen to to that little voice. It’s right. Share the news with everyone you know!!
  • You are too skeptical to be psychic. Whatever psychic abilities you may have are being suppressed by your skepticism. Which is just fine with you because you are positive that psychic ability is bunk, and the most psychic you can possibly be is exactly zero percent psychic. Share the news with everyone you know!!

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