Which of the 6 Wisdoms Do You Possess?

Written by onewiselife

Some of the wisdoms from this quiz include…

Your dominant wisdom is of Words!

You may be a motivational speaker or just terribly great at giving others advice, but either way you provide insight and inspiration to anyone who asks for it. You have an inexplicable way of explaining yourself and breaking down information for those who need to comprehend it, and being articulate with a hint of philosophy will certainly take you far in the long run!

Your Type is Wisdom of God

Your most dominant wisdom is of God! You hold spirituality and a sense of faith as two primary values, mainly because you believe in the narrative of equality and kindness between all living beings. You do your best to remain a non-judgmental person with pure intentions, and with the installation of belief and a high power you find that it’s easiest to live your life similar to the meaningful guidelines of an unknowing force who only wants to spread love and happiness.”

Your Type is Wisdom of Sensuality

Your most dominant wisdom is Sensuality! You have the ability to make people’s heads turn at first glance and remain a prime example of what beauty the world has to offer. Through your body language and personal touch you know how to ignite the spark hiding within those around you, and in return, you motivate them to act, live and feel as their most confident and sexy version of themselves. You’re a modern muse who leads the way in fantasy combined with realism.

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