QUIZ: What Strong Emotion Do You Need To Let Go?

Written by onewiselife

What must you let go and release so that you can welcome more POSITIVE in your life?  What emotions are holding you back? This quick quiz gets you thinking about your own characteristics (what serves you, what doesn’t, and what needs more nurturing).

Letting isn’t easy for everyone, but with attention to what needs to go and intention to practice the art of letting go, it’s possible. Be patient and flexible with yourself.

Results for this quiz include:

  • You are a loyal and supportive friend and partner, and your desire to see people realize their potential makes you an ideal influencer and leader. But it is important to realize that sometimes people are beyond even your help. Some people end up harming themselves in their quest to lift the world.Try taking the time to fulfill your own needs and desires. At first it may feel uncomfortable to focus on yourself, but with time you will realize it will only make you better equipped at helping others!
  • Your perfectionism makes you an ideal worker, a serious contender for any job, and an almost flawless individual. But sometimes your preoccupation with not making any mistakes and having an unblemished record also keeps you from taking risks and putting yourself in new and innovative positions.

    Try accepting some of your flaws because they are what make you beautiful and special. You’d be surprised how much of a release you will feel when you accept your own humanity and how productive you’ll end up being!

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