QUIZ: What Type Of Intelligence Controls Your Brain?

Written by Maria Flynn

Are you a deep thinker, introspective and sensitive?  Perhaps your dominant intelligence is Intrapersonal.  You may be Visual-Spatial…making you creative, intelligent and quirky.  Mathematical, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Musical-Rhythmic, Naturalistic — find out what intelligence dominates your brain in this fairly accurate quiz.  Fun!

What Are Your Results?

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Maria Flynn

MARIA FLYNN  is the Founder and Creator of OneWiseLife.com and the Co Creator of Mojo Mastery. From abuse to obesity to healing and health (and everything in-between), Maria considers her life a blessing. Her years of studying and working with masters from around the world have enabled her to form a unique view of the world.  She uses this unique view to help thousands of others around the world.