QUIZ: How Confident Are You About Your Self-Image?

Written by onewiselife

Quizzes posted on One Wise Life (OWL) are always only for fun. If you find yourself here, then self-image is of interest to you and that’s something to consider delving into as you may be like so many in our OWL Community and looking to grow and learn more about your own personal development.

Confidence is a “side-effect” of personal development and it feels good to feel good living in your own skin!  Truly, feeling at home, means being home in your heart-mind-soul.  This is a shift from Funk To FREEDOM!

Some articles about building confidence that will interest you:
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This quiz includes results like…

Awkward: You still struggle to find that inner confidence. You are pretty good at it but you still need an extra boost. Working on that and filling your soul with meaning will help you to reach that perfect confident point.

Under Confident: You need to keep working on your soul and confidence as you are seriously lacking your spirit animal. Keep remembering to do things that feed your soul and this will inspire inner confidence and love throughout.

Confident: You are a confident cookie and very rarely need others to make you feel good. You have worked a lot on your soul and understand what truly makes you happy. Be good to you and keep shining confidently.

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