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Why Awareness Must Happen BEFORE Welcoming Abundance In Your Life

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

Without AWARENESS first… there can be NO abundance (at least the kind of abundance you truly desire to create in your life).

It’s true…
It is a Universal Law.

So, if you’re looking to create an abundant life—one which expands your ability to attract more of the things you want:  more opportunities, more love, more joy, more vitality overall—then you can’t ignore this first step to getting there.

Awareness is beyond the common things you take note of for yourself.  How often do you find yourself saying the following:

“I’ve got to start meditating.”  (and then don’t do it).

“I love reading self-help books.” (and then don’t apply what you’ve learned for the long term and find yourself in the same place in life—never truly leveling up).

“You know what’s wrong him/her/them, they don’t ______________” (but you haven’t looked at yourself).

Does life ever feel like a hamster wheel for you?  You know you want something better…  but life gets in the way.  Now you find yourself here reading this.  PLEASE PAY ATTENTION…and please continue reading…

Awareness is a skill that isn’t taught in schools and yet, having this skill can make all the (positive) difference in your life!

Awareness is your ability to perceive what is going within you at ALL TIMES and this awareness is ON at every level and every area of your life (prosperity/wealth, relationship, spiritual, physical, and mental/emotional).  Read that last sentence again because it’s THAT IMPORTANT.  Pay attention to the nudges you feel in your body when you read it.

Simply put, if you’re not refining and defining yourself (growing yourself) in these areas of your life and yourSELF in these areas, then the vibe you’re putting out into the world is resulting in the same old thing (hello hamster wheel). 🙂

Why Deeper Awareness Is Necessary:

Your Communication. That’s it.  What is your ability to communicate?  Have you examined that? What are you saying and putting out there?

You are communicating consistently with the Universe (by your spoken word, by your actions, and by your energy).  There is no break time in communication.  It is always ongoing and everpresent, no exceptions.

Taking the time to examine SELF, you then can refine and define your SELF and improve the experiences you have, too.

The moment you become more deeply aware of inner turmoil in every and all areas of life (the mix feelings of fears, hopes, thoughts, emotions, conflicts, anger, stress, sadness, etc…), then it’s up to you to analyze them and heal them..improve them in some way.

You can empower yourself to take different actions to help improve your life and have different experiences.  Different experiences teach you more about YOU. Each time you know more about YOU, then you have to power to improve you and future experiences.

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Being intimately aware of yourSELF helps you find your voice and make better decisions about your life.  Most important, it starts getting you off the hamster wheel of life and the Universe will pick up a different vibe from you then the one you’ve been ignoring for far too long.

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Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn

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