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The Fastest Way To Change Your Life

Written by John Kim

The new rich isn’t the 4 hour work week.  Sorry Tim Ferris.  I think you’re great.  But the I believe the new rich is living with less fear.  Now let me explain…

We all have fear.  If we didn’t we wouldn’t be alive.  But there’s a difference between having fear and being driven by your fears. Most people are driven by their fears, pulling them down a dark sticky dead end road.

Most of my life, I rode shotgun while fear sat behind the wheel.  Fear of poverty.  Fear of not being accepted.  Fear of rejection.  Fear of failure.  Fear of abandonment.  And pulling from these fears caused me to be a beta version of myself.  I maneuvered at a very low frequency and I’ve learned that people don’t really want to be around that.  I had no stance.  And so there was a lot of pretending and scrambling going on.  Fear inflates egos, insecurity, and anxiety.

Part one.

You will always have fears but when you get to a place where you are no longer driven by them, something magical happens.  You become rich.  You have more value.  You feel powerful.  Alive. Worthy.  Anxiety lessens and potential increases, which means the chances of you also gaining financial traction increases as well as things fall into place.  You become very potent.

Are you driven by your fears?  Are they stopping you from doing what you want or being who you want to be?  Then the question is how do you get rid of these fears?  Here are three tips to no longer be driven by fear.

1.  Notice your fears.

Everything starts with awareness.  Think about all the fears that are stopping you from being happy.  Just notice them.  But also know that they are not walls.  They are bushes that are only going to improve your jump.

2.  Admit that you are afraid of these things.

Many know what they are afraid of but won’t admit it, especially to themselves.  This resistance will only give the fear more power.  Denial means you’re running instead of facing.  Only when you admit what you are afraid of is when you can start dissolving your fears.

3.  Many therapists will try to explore where the fears are coming from because they started somewhere, depending on your story.

And they will encourage you to follow that thread all the way to its roots so that you can start to process them.  There is a therapeutic process to overcoming your fears which require coaching. But you know what?  At some point, you just have to make a choice to not be afraid anymore.  At some point, you have to decide to enter the arena. Yes, you can actually choose to be less afraid. It doesn’t mean it’s going to go away.  But it will move the ball.  It will create a shift.  Examine where your fears are taking you in your life and make a decision, now, to no longer allow those fears to drive your life.

Part two.

Yes, today I still worry and stress and have fears, but I can honestly say I am no longer driven by them.  And the experience, feeling about myself, and the results I see in my life by not allow fear drive me is the traction I need to grow stronger and more fearless.  I am also not afraid of anyone, and I’m not saying in an arrogant way or that I’m better than anyone.  Or in a physical way, because I’ll be the first one to tell you I can’t fight.  No, I don’t know Kung Fu.  I mean I’m not afraid of anyone in that I don’t depend on people to make me happy or give me value.  Years ago, I did and that made me afraid of because they held the power to my happiness.   A lot of times, we’re afraid of people because we want something from them or expect from them that we may not get.  And if we don’t, then that means something about us.  But if you don’t want anything from others other than an organic authentic connection, there’s really nothing to be afraid of. Think about all the people in your life and who has power over you.  And ask yourself why.  It’s usually because you care what they think.  Or you believe they have the power to take something away.  No one can take away your truth, except yourself.

Not allowing yourself to be driven by your fears and not being afraid of people because you want something from them or expect them to be who you want is the fastest way to reposition your life.

When you are no longer afraid is when you’ll be free.

If you want to be rich, stop playing the lottery and start working toward being be less afraid.

– Angry

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