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The Difference One Hour A Day Can Do For You

Mark Pettit
Written by Mark Pettit

If you look at where you spend your time each day, it’s amazing to look at what you actually have time for. Especially once you decide to make time for the things that are important to you in any given hour.

There are so many times I’ve spoken to people about taking action on something and they respond that they “don’t have time”.

The truth is we all have the time. If we don’t choose to use that hour it’s because we’ve just decided not to prioritise the things that matter.

When you say you don’t have time to master a specific skill, or go on a training course, or learn another language, or make time for yourself, or start a business, you are just fooling yourself.

If you were unwell and were told that you needed to rest for an hour every day you’d find the time. If you were given the chance to spend an hour meeting an amazing new prospect every day you’d find the time.

If there was something wrong with your car and you needed to take it in for a repair and it would take an hour you’d find the time.

You’d just say, “That’s ok. Only an hour? I can do that.” And you would be right. If you really think about it, anyone can free up an hour a day for anything that means something. And you can decide what to do with that hour.

We all have the time to put something into an hour’s time slot and devote the fully focused hour to it.

Just think about it. What would you really lose? In reality you wouldn’t miss a beat. There would be no loss of efficiency and it would become something really special in your mind. Something you would commit to and look forward to every day.

If you took out an hour for something special, whether that is thinking time or spending time with someone important the other hours of your life would probably improve!

Your energy levels would go up and you’d feel more motivated during the rest of the day. You would become more focused and more efficient, not less.

If you took an hour away from your life or business today, you would become more efficient in the other 23 hours than you were before.

The reason. Because you would be more focused on your priorities.

You would become more alive and more aware of the precious time you have.

Don’t you often find that your work day just expands to fill the time allotted for it. So choose to give yourself an hour. Start today!

Let’s take a look at where you could spend that hour. For me personally, I take an hour every day to just think.

I go to a coffee shop or sit in my office with a blank pad and a pen and just let my mind wander. You would be surprised at the things that come into your mid when you create that space to think.

And the same could be true in your life. Just sit alone for an hour and let whatever arises from your subconscious mind find its way onto your pad.

If you want to focus on a particular subject each day, that would work. You’ll be amazed at what comes out. For example, think about what your business could make in a year and how you could achieve that income.

Sometimes we get so lost inside our everyday we don’t make time to see the big picture. We are just focused on doing not strategising, planning or just thinking.

We don’t always need to race ahead. It’s important to just sit in the present and think about now. The ideas that flow will inspire you to take action right now!

Many people aren’t really living their true lives and are not tuned in to they really want to be because they are ‘being busy’ and being distracted by other things and other people.

Rather than creating they are reacting. They are tuning into other people’s lives as a way of not living my own. They are self-distracting rather than self-creating.

If you look at where you spend your time and how you are distracted by other things maybe you do have an hour to devote to learning and creation.

Everybody has an hour. And that’s all I’m talking about to create a real difference in your business and life.

What would you do with your Special Hour every day?

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