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Setting Boundaries Is A Healthy Spiritual Practice

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

For the empaths or highly sensitive person, setting boundaries is especially important to you. Life for you is not meant to feel overwhelming, anxious, nor stressed. Your ability to feel is a gift (when properly understood and managed).

Being an empathic intuitive is something I’ve embraced and it’s who I am. This doesn’t mean that I recently became an empathic intuitive, I was born this way (and so are millions of others around the world).

However, not understanding this about myself lent to feeling awful more often than not and I suffered plenty. As an adult, I’ve learned methods to help me manage this. Being an empathic intuitive has transformed from curse to gift!

Are You An Empath?

An empath is someone who can experience the feelings, thoughts and/or attitudes of others. An empath can also feel the energy of a room full of people. According to Dr. Jane McGregor–some 40% of human beings are born with an ability to sense when something isn’t right.  Empaths are highly perceptive and insightful!

For example, if I spent time with (even innocently sat next to) someone who was depressed, angry and/or generally unhappy—guess who felt the same way? Me! This is a common experience for empaths.

Not understanding and managing your gift as an empath, can leave life feeling like your the ball inside a pinball machine and someone else is doing all the hitting.

What Is An Intuitive?

An intuitive person can perceive truth or fact independent of data and reasoning. It is being able to have keen and quick insight. Intuition is something everyone is born with; some feel it more than others. Intuition can be developed in everyone. The more you develop it the better you get at finding SOULutions. If you want to learn more about this, you’ll want to check out my Soul Membership.

Empathic Intuitives are feelers who don’t have to have details of events and experiences. They simply feel it and have a knowingness about it. The definitions are simple enough but being it is something totally different.

This example may help you understand more…

Imagine you walk into a room where you witness a married couple arguing and suddenly the husband punches his wife in the gut sending her to the floor rendering her virtually unable to breath. How do you feel seeing this experience? Do you get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach?

Now, remove the description and image I gave you of the husband and wife and just keep the feeling in the pit of your stomach. That is what an empathic intuitive may feel after meeting someone (no need for the details or experience prior), just the feeling and a knowingness that something is terribly off.

The reverse is true, too. You can meet someone and feel totally great about them, too!

I have always dealt with a plethora of emotions and intuition coming at me all of the time: from family, from friends, from co-workers, from strangers at the mall. I lived most of my life taking on other people’s stresses, worries, concerns, anger, resentment, and so on. Like a sponge, I absorbed everyone’s stuff and reacted to it resulting in a lot of unnecessary disputes, confrontations, sadness and often loneliness.

Drowning Out The Feelings

As a natural way to drown out the feelings I absorbed, I would put on layers (of clothes and fat). I loved turtlenecks, sweaters, jackets and food and just about anything that would put distance between me and anyone else.

After losing weight in the last few years, I really understood what emotional eating was all about. Learning the principles of energy and how to manage my energy helped me identify when someone else’s baggage was not my own.

Don’t waste your time “putting your intentions out to the Universe” without this training and ebook to fill in the blanks.

Spiritual Understanding and Managing Empathic Feelings

You are an expression of the Universe (an extension of Her) and here with a purpose. No exceptions. When you get this you can lead your life LOVE and SOUL aligned (and everything changes for the better).

Embracing my own spiritual journey caused me plenty of inner conflict when vibes that didn’t feel good came up around individuals (or situations). An internal struggle began when every molecule of my being believes that all people come from Divine love — yet, I would encounter someone and felt something that didn’t match that vibration. It was difficult to embrace and love and welcome them wholly into my world.

How do I process that icky warning feeling? My discovery — love and boundaries. Because someone may have fallen away from their own Divine path and purpose, doesn’t mean I have to go along with them. It doesn’t mean I have to embrace them.  It’s ok to steer away–never condemning them, but holding the other person in your mind’s eye with love and light.

It is absolutely LOVE-aligned to release people and let them have the freedom to have their own experience and growth so that you can enjoy your own!

Being connected to Spirit gives us the ability to also lovingly practice discernment. I found comforting words in Sonia Choquette’s book, The Psychic Pathway. Sonia is a renowned psychic. Unlike me, she was brought up in a household where her mother’s “vibes” anchored everything (her mother was also a psychic). Sonia’s mother used her intuition to help guide her children, whom they made friends with, where they would go and so on. In her household, intuition was valued by her family and they felt protected and safe because of it.

Setting Loving Boundaries is a Healthy Spiritual Practice

My journey led me to teachers and authors who helped me understand and manage empathy. Understanding how an empathic intuitive processes energy made such a huge and positive difference!

What a relief to know I wasn’t crazy. Meditation, energy management, healing, and clearing are necessary components to live better — feel better! Ability to feel energy like this naturally brought me to energy healing that not only helps me, but others, as well.

Instead of being entangled in the energy of others, I recognize that it is not my own energy and that I can make healthy and loving decisions about how to handle it. Setting loving boundaries and limiting (and/or even eliminating) time spent with those who suffocate my spirit (my energy) is a good and healthy spiritual practice for me and my family. 

In my Your Energy Makeover ebook and training, the chapter and training on boundaries has given breakthrough moments to many because the new found perspective gives them the freedom to enjoy the process! When you fully understand boundaries with a healthy mindset, the process becomes so much easier!

It goes without saying (if you have children and grandchildren), the practice of setting loving boundaries for yourself is an excellent lesson for your children to observe and model. They absolutely must know and practice loving discernment naturally and comfortably—and they learn best by watching you!

Looking back, all of those experiences (as lonely and as confusing and uncomfortable as they may have felt) have helped me understand who I am today and aligned me to my Soul Truth—helping others tap in and turn on their inner wisdom and helping them manage their energy and create the life they love.

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