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How To Know Which Of Your Chakras Is Out Of Balance

Written by onewiselife

When you pay attention to your body signals, you quickly learn which chakra is speaking to you and you can more easily improve your life by addressing the energy and emotional flow, too (which is often the root cause of health issues).

Your chakras are located throughout your body and correlate to body ailments.  Chakras are energy centers that house your emotions.  When you experience aches, pains, stiffness or even recurring emotional pains and fears, you may find a faster path to healing if you connect the chakra and heal the energy block, there, too.

Some basic symptoms for each of the 7 chakras include the following:

Root Chakra:

Located at the base of the spine—blockages in this chakra may show up with health issues in your legs, feet, rectum, tailbone, immune system, male reproduction system (including the prostate gland).  Arthritis issues is a common issue (especially in the knees).  It may also show up as sciatica and even constipation.

The emotional connection of the Root Chakra is lack of feeling supported, lack of feeling grounded, and an overall lack of feeling safe in this world.

Sacral Chakra:

Located just below the navel—blockages in this chakra may include reproductive issues, sexual issues, urinary problems, kidney dysfunctions, hip and/or lower back pain.

The emotional connection of the Sacral Chakra include imbalances and lack of commitment in your relationships.  It may show up with an inability to express your emotions.  When you’re hurting here, then you’ll experience a lack of fun and play in your life…including in your sexuality.

Solar Plexus Chakra:

Located just above your navel, blockages and imbalances in this chakra include digestive problems, issues with your liver, colon issues, and fatigue.

The emotional connection has everything to do with empowerment and self-esteem.  You struggle with fear of rejection and how you look (your physical appearance).  You also struggle with lack of self compassion and confidence.

Heart Charka:

Located at the heart—blockages include heart disease, lung disease, lymphatic issues, breast issues, upper back, arm and wrist pain.

The emotional connection includes “too much loving” (in other words, the love feels more like suffocation).  You suffer from jealousy, bitterness and you fear being alone.

Throat Chakra:

Located at the throat—common blockage symptoms include thyroid issues, sore throats and laryngitis, ear infections and various facial issues along the lines of your mouth (chin, cheek, lips and tongue).

The emotional connection includes an inability to express yourself (spoken and written).  You believe you have no other choices and feel a bit out of control.

Doreen Virtue published a book, Chakra Clearing.  Her books are ones I recommend because they’re easy to understand and process if this is new information for you.

Doreen Virtue published a book, Chakra Clearing.  Her books are ones I recommend because they’re easy to understand and process if this is new information for you.  CLICK HERE to get Chakra Clearing by Doreen Virtue.

Third Eye Chakra:

Located in between your eyebrows—common blockage symptoms include headaches, blurry vision, and sinus infections.

The emotional connection includes mood swings and a reactive nature. You may tend to have exaggerated daydreams and struggle learning from your fears and experiences.

Crown Chakra:

Located at the “crown” of you head—common blockage symptoms include depression and sadness, lack of clarity and struggle learning new things.  You may be sensitive to light and sounds.

The emotional connection includes having issues with your ability to connection to your own greater source of power.  When you’re imbalanced here, you’ll be more prejudice and rigid about religion and spirituality.  Independent thinking and moving forward paralyses you because you fear being alienated.

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