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How To Benefit The Most From Your Theme Word In 4 Easy Steps

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

Are you like millions out there who pick a theme word for yourself as you enter a new year? If you do, that’s AWESOME! This article will help you stay on track for the year and really make your theme word work for you….for a lifetime.

If you haven’t picked your theme word…you’re not too late…NOW is the perfect time to pick it.  It really is…the holiday parties are over, guests have left, you’re done traveling…even if you find yourself quiet during the holiday season, you’re still in the midst of everyone else celebrating and having to adjust yourself accordingly.  The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is complete, and NOW you have your days back to you (without that bouncy holiday energy).  You can quiet down and select your theme word.


Reflect…and use your intuition.  Even as you read this article, what word comes to mind for you? The first thing that comes to you is usually the one for you.  If not, do you journal?  Read through the entries and see what consistently comes up for you?  Fear, timidity, shyness???  Perhaps COURAGE is your word. Whatever your word, select it with this in mind… 

What ONE area of your life, if you could get a better handle on it, would bring you the most positive impact and most beneficial change?  This one word you pick as your theme could very well be the beginning of the most positive thing in your life.


1.  Tell no one. 

That’s right…this is for you and only you.  Not for the world to know, manipulate, nor tease you with when the opportunity strikes.  You WANT to utilize and explore and learn from your word authentically throughout the year with real experiences that come your way.  I’ll share this with you… Many years ago, I chose BOUNDARIES as my theme.  I told no one because I was really hurting by the actions of so many people around me (family and friends).  My word was for me because I know changing others was not the answer, but changing myself was possible. When someone crossed the BOUNDARY…I had the opportunity to handle it with more authority, authenticity and love (yes, love).  Had I shared this with the people that hurt me the most, they would have teased, belittled…and laughed.  Their attitudes were already bad enough and the fuel of the theme word was for me to grow (not fuel for their comic relief).  When you’re serious about what word inspires you to make a real and authentic and positive change for YOU…then it’s sacred and COMPLETELY meant for you and only you.  If you choose to share it, be selective.

Energy is vital in all you think, say and do…and even if your word is positive like GENEROUS or COURAGE, or LOVE… why give it away for others to manipulate even when they don’t mean to do it. Your theme word is just for you to hold and explore and grow.

2.  Make your theme word a part of your daily ritual.  

This is fun because you can be totally creative about how you want this word to be included in your daily ritual.  For example, use the word in some way as part of your new passwords (and be forced to type it every day). Or…select a quote that focuses on your theme word and put it up on your personal computer screen saver or smart phone wallpaper.  Write it on your bathroom mirror.  Journal about the word every day….even if the entry for the day is repetitive like, “My theme word is _________ and I chose it because….”

3.  Experience your theme word daily.

Beyond reading or seeing your theme word….explore it. Physically make it a part of you.  Back to my example of boundaries, I learned how it associated with my personal power and my solar plexus chakra (which is the color yellow and the element of fire). Guess what color I used in my wardrobe and candles?   It’s also the 3rd chakra, so I even utilized the number 3 as often as I could.  See Pinterest chart for help with your theme word experience. If you’re into it…make an appointment with a trusted reiki healer and explore connections through this beautiful and gentle healing art.

4.  Practice your theme word. 

Theme words are meant for your own personal development and growth. The most important thing you can do is NOT to fall back into old habits.  Make a commitment to yourself to hold off on reactions and your “old ways” when the opportunity arises for you to explore how the theme word (whatever it is) can be part of you, your voice and your behavior.  Practice, practice, practice.  You won’t be great at first…and that’s ok.  You have an entire year to practice utilizing your theme word. Ask yourself the right question like, “If I was comfortable with (theme word) I would think/say/do….” and then go do it. 

I’ve been selecting an annual theme word since 2010 and it works like magic when you set the intentions to REALLY EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITIES of your personal growth.  Using these simple steps will keep your theme word in the forefront of your daily life…keeping you on track.  You’ll change the way you look at things for the better.  You’ll gain more confidence (even if you don’t mean to)…simply because your placing yourself in a position of growth for your greater good.

Love and respect yourself enough to take the action required to achieve results for more happiness and less drama.” ~Maria Flynn

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Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn

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