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When Grief Is An Uninvited Guest, Then Try These 4 Ways To Align With Peace

Susan Mullen
Written by Susan Mullen

The experience of grief eventually reaches each of us; from the shifting that occurs when people and things change. From the vacancy a spouse, animal, home, job, or lifestyle leaves us, to consciously ushering a loved one home as they transition to spirit. No two people grieve the same way, the same things, or by the same timetable because there is no one way to mourn. Understanding how our four essences were designed to help us move through this cathartic expression is what leads us to acceptance. And, acceptance is a cornerstone to peace. And peace is a result of accepting change. It’s in our unique-to-us processes that lead us to experiencing any stepping stone that all energy was created to move towards light, toward resolution, after it serves; not stuck in the grip that we’re losing anything or anyone at all. We’re always witnessing from our current perspective.

One purpose grief serves our human journey is that it offers opportunities for us to expand our capacity to master love and compassion. Until we first master love and compassion for ourselves, we have little to offer, let alone to notice in others, our lives, or in the world. To master anything, we need plenty of practice.

When we are sidelined by a broken leg, we can’t ignore or disguise it as easily as we can an emotional wound. So, we seek a physician, trust the guidance, and participate in following the orders to a T. The payoff is to walk again. But we’re not always aligned with the payoff of transcending grief.

Mourning is grief’s ultimate expression, peace its destination. Un-mourned grief will not go away; it just manifests differently. Emotions are energy, and they are always seeking to transmute towards their ultimate expression – to the return to light. Unchecked, they can cripple us emotionally and physically; manifesting as disease in the body or as counter-intuitive expressions such as relationship issues, addiction, isolation, depression, disordered eating, or anxiety.

When we experience any transition, we’ll feel moored to the void if we don’t allow transcendence.

Here are 4 ways to align with peace:

1). Peace through your BODY

It’s said we mourn and celebrate with food. Nourishing food nourishes not only our body, but the ‘rest’ of us; our mind, soul, and spirit. Our body is the first filter of our inner guidance, our intuitive channel for divine guidance. We can allow grief to serve us without indulging it. Peace occurs when we don’t block our body from being the conduit we chose to house us through this life.

Reconnect to peace via your body through movement, rest, and nourishing food. Treat your body as you would a beloved five-year-old in your direct care. Take her for walks in nature. Put fresh air in her lungs. Find an online dance or yoga class if you don’t prefer to ‘people’ (the adult ‘time-out’). Maybe even volunteer to walk dogs at your local animal shelter. Five-year-old children are at the crossroads of trying to remain intuitive, yet aware of the world’s molding nature. (Sit, don’t move, be quiet, raise your hand, stand in line). Yes, we need structure and order, but it’s often a disservice to our body’s natural rhythms.

Nourish your body with peace-oriented, high vibration foods that offer balance to low vibration feelings/thoughts/beliefs. Low vibration intake during low vibration feelings = low vibration outcomes. Eat foods that were not procured in violence. Consuming foods that are not violently procured RAISES our vibration. Consciously choose more plant-based foods over counter-intuitively procured factory farmed animal flesh and the processed by-products such as dairy. The quality of what we put into our bodies directly impacts our connection to the clarity and peace we experience. Clean fuel offers our body neutral, clean energy. Fuel rooted in well-being aligns us with feelings of well-being.

Drink extra water as our bodies provide us tears to release emotion, sweat to rid toxins. Soak in a tub of warm water and Epsom salt to heal your energetic aura.

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2). Peace through your MIND

Seek peace in times of grief, not closure. In other words, mourn with meaning. It’s not how we mourn that matters, it’s that we mourn authentically as we move towards acceptance. Our ego sometimes wants to put up armor, i.e.: staying strong, smiling, comforting others. Sometimes, the well-intentioned wish those in acute grief to ‘stay strong’. But, staying strong in acute grief is counter-intuitive to the path to peace. Strong is at the other end of grief, closer to acceptance. Allow your mind to remain connected to your sensitivity, not your armor. One can’t receive a well-intended hug if they’re masking strength and the exchange of energy falls flat. Instead, allow others to hold the pain with you, even if just for a minute via a heart-felt hug. Being seen and received is part of the process on the path to peace.

3). Peace through your SOUL

The calendar flips each year with markers of holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays that can trigger emotions. What about transition days? We never forget those, yet we often decide that’s a day to re-mourn. It’s not. It’s the day a soul transitioned to the light. It’s not even about us. We get to decide the quality of our emotions, not the calendar. Consciously tend to your soul’s sensitivity so you can remain a clear conduit of the love and compassion that you are, not cyclically depleted at the mercy of a linear timeline. When grief visits, decide if there’s room for your table this year. Perhaps, it’s really light that’s knocking. Call upon your spiritual team; God, your angels and spirit guides, and loved ones and animals on the other side to help you clearly understand your experience, to walk with you through it. Soulfully inventory traditions as often as you might a closet. Keep those that offer peace and allow the retired traditions to rest. If you are mourning a lifestyle change, create new traditions that honor you, freedom, expansion, and the gift of perspective your soul offers you. Feel your way through the year of firsts in self-love and self-compassion.

4). Peace through your SPIRIT

Allow memories to fuel your spirit, not deplete it. Your spirit is your unique spiritual signature. It escapes through your smile, your eyes, your auto-responses, your energy field, your laugh, your special touches. Don’t allow grief to cyclically cripple your spirit; call upon your spirit as your powerful co-creator. If you wore a smile with a loved one, wear one on a date that triggers your physical loss, yet their next spiritual advancement. They leave us signs from the other side with love, poignancy, and humor, not with grief or regret. They want us to do the same for them. We don’t lose our spirit when people, animals, and circumstances shift in different directions unless we accept the dance.

The universe is always assisting and course-correcting, so we can practice removing the filters and layers that keep us connected to grief. Mercury Retrograde is one way that is being offered right now so our wounds have another chance for ultimate healing.

We are all equipped with everything we need to participate in our own path to peace, on our own timeline, and in our own way.

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Susan Mullen

Susan Mullen

Susan Mullen is an intuitive, animal communicator, best-selling author, and certified intuitive coach. She writes, speaks, and teaches about abundance, the power of perspective, and intuitive living via harmony in mind, body, and spirit/soul.
She is the creator of the Pilot Light Intuitive Sessions where she lovingly guides her clients to their next best step in empowering intuitive sessions. She lives in southern Maine with her husband, two daughters, and a few well-cared for cats. Website – Facebook: Susan Mullen, Intuitive Living