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A Positive Attitude Can Be Slippery Slope If You’re Not Careful

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

I LOVE a cold and rainy day…or even better…a blustery snowfall. For me, winter months bring me a more peaceful state of just being. Nothing like “bad” weather to force me to stay put and do the things I sometimes don’t make time for…like enjoying an extra cup of coffee curled up on the couch with my favorite throw, a book or even writing. Somehow, the coffee aroma pleases me more than usual… the flow of reading or writing feels easier.

Some claim misery over the cold, rain, snow and winter months…I’ll choose to enjoy the other opportunities it welcomes. Don’t get me wrong…I’ll always take the warm months and a beach day if they’re offered to me. But that’s not my every day. So, I appreciate what I have in front of me. This is part of having a positive attitude.

Positivity is a slippery slope though… I know some who choose positivity as a bypass avoiding what’s happening around them and to them..neglecting to acknowledge that some things around them are simply shitty (because let’s face it…sometimes things in life get pretty shitty, yes?).  Ostensibly, that energy they’re attempting to shut down by bypassing it all together, will build up like a pressure cooker and what they’ve suppressed will come out in later days and usually in the most unexpected ways (and it won’t be pretty).

Positivity isn’t denial nor a bypass…it’s understanding and acknowledging the experience for EXACTLY what it is but then owning it and appreciating it for what it brings you. That’s finding value in your every experience. That’s harnessing your wisdom!  You don’t have to like it…but you can use it as best you can for your own empowerment and personal growth.

The moment you choose to find value, you receive the benefit taking you where you choose to go. You’re in the driver’s seat with your eyes and mind wide open.  What you overcome is what empowers you to become.

A positive attitude doesn’t solve all things…but a positive attitude can take you in the direction you’re wanting to go a lot faster.

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