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8 Money Mindset Strategies To Increase Your Money Flow

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

When you look at the habits of the successful, they have clear language (energy) and a positive attitude about money.

If you’re looking to improve your money mojo, then your habits are ones that must be improved because when they are, then you not only help yourself but you help the WORLD (and the world needs you).

When you have more, then you can give back more and that’s good for the greatest good. 

(Really) comprehending the energy of money and then intentionally taking the necessary steps to change your mindset about money will prove to be an amazing journey of fun and adventure.  One big lesson: for money to flow to you, then you must clear the lower vibrating energy within you that prevents it from flowing. 

Practicing the mindset strategies (consistently) will prove to be worthwhile. But, practicing also means keeping it up (even when it gets tough).  

Below are 8 mindset hacks to shift from a broke mindset to prosperity thinking:

1. Be more aware of your awareness.

Get real about the signals your body gives you when you’re around money, wealth and prosperity.

  • Do you see wealthy people as greedy? 
  • Do you see them as “lucky”? 
  • Do you roll your eyes when you see someone sporting the latest high-end fashion trends? 

If you feel disgusted or saddened when you’re around the evidence of wealth and prosperity, then the energy that matches that is yours and will be the experience you welcome.

Instead, flip the switch when you see wealth and prosperity (however it chooses to show up around you) and recognize that the Universe is showing you possibilities for wealth and prosperity.  When you see it as possibilities then, you too, can be, do or have anything AND you have the FREEDOM to do with it as you like.  

2. Build up your confidence about money and your worth.

When you have more you can do more.  When you have more you can be of greater service for others in greater ways.  Yes, the Universe supports abundance and prosperity for you for the greatest good and all that aligns with that (joy, adventure, healing, giving, growth, and expansion).

The Universe is infinite abundance and you are a part of that abundance (not separate from it).  If the Universe believes you deserve abundance, why don’t you?  When your energy is feeling abundant then infinite possibilities rush to you, too.  Decide to change your beliefs about money and align with the energy of the abundant Universe.  Buoy your confidence with a practice of new thoughts about your money beliefs EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

3. Bring gratitude to your awareness.

Opportunities are available to you every day to tune into your money mindset and to level it up.  Check in with how you’re feeling every chance you get and immediately give thanks for the opportunity to change your mindset for better and increased money flow to you.

  • When you receive a bill, be grateful that the Universe believes you can pay it and that you’ve been given the opportunity to do so.
  • When you receive your paycheck, instead of wincing at the amount, be grateful you’re receiving (especially when far too many others in the world are not).
  • Tune into each moment money comes into your awareness and find a way (any way) to be grateful about it.

4. Forgive yourself, old money habits, and past experiences with money.

That’s it! Forgive yourself. Forgive your past money management and debt handling. Forgive your past thoughts and fears about money.  Turn the page and commit to your new mindset and confidence building about money.  While I’m at it, forgive yourself each time you have a set back (in thought, feeling or action) and get back on track as quickly as you can.

Empower yourself with each moment you’re given. The more you take charge of empowering yourself (thought, feeling and action), the more your confidence increases (including your ability to build money flow and opportunities) in alignment with the Universe increases.  This is vastly different from being dependent on the Universe or any one or any thing else.

Raise your vibes and naturally attract the opportunities, the joy, the experiences you deserve with Your Energy Makeover Training and Ebook.

5. Feel the high vibe money energy and align with it QUICKLY.

Understand the energy and frequency of money and it’s connection to your value system and make the change now and for good.

Try this visualization exercise:

Think about wealth and prosperity and ask yourself what it looks and feels like (get as clear as you can about it).

  • Do you believe money is dirty? If so, you may be unintentionally keeping what’s dirty away from you (and therefore the money).
  • Does it look cluttered? If so, clean it up. Check your files, check your wallet, get organized.
  • What is wealth and prosperity doing? Is it sitting around all day or is it creating?Is it hiding or is it being seen?Is it creating or standing still?

Money energy is high vibrating energy and high vibrating energy moves quickly.  What are you doing to match that and align with that energy?

Clear the clutter in your environment and make way for the energy of wealth and prosperity to flow to you.  When you become more clear in your thinking and within your environment (with action), then you’ve created more space for wealth and prosperity to arrive to you.

6. Money does grow (just not on trees).

For anything to grow you must nurture it.  This is delicate and precise action with the intention of growth in mind (a growth mindset).

In the beginning of this article I discuss how the Universe gives you evidence of abundance and its infinite possibilities as to how it shows up.  Enjoy the evidence.  The more you find joy (another high vibrating energy frequency. the more you align with money flow).

For sure, money won’t grow on trees, but opportunities to increase your money flow will.

So, what do you do?

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say YES and then learn how to do it later.” ~Sir Richard Branson

This is precise action and saying yes QUICKLY for the experiences that stimulate and align with the things that bring you closer to your ultimate goals and life purpose is action that vibrates with the same frequency and speed as the energy of wealth and prosperity and joy.  Give yourself permission to thrive by saying YES to the things you’re meant to do.

The growth mindset also knows and feels the massive difference between the energy of spending versus investing.

“Once you really accept that spending money DOESN’T equal happiness,
you have won half the battle.”
~Dean Graziosi

Spending is reactive, temporary and disconnected energy.  Spending is a disillusioned feeling of fulfillment through temporary joy. Investing energy is fulfilling now and into the future for even more (it is part of a growth mindset).

In my early 20s, my first entry level job in Washington D.C. netted me about a negative $150 per month. That’s right…a negative income flow. The costs of gas and parking alone was more than what I would be able to earn.

I saw taking that entry-level position as an investment to my future. I figured out a way to pay it—thanks to credit cards. I knew the risk in investment was worth it because I was banking on my own smarts to rise up quickly in the organization.

Fast forward 3 months into that entry level position and I received a raise, a new title and an office. I was there 10 years eventually holding the Executive Director position.

Worth the investment?  You bet!!  Not only in monetary income but also in massive learning and training in skills I still use today that align with my passion to serve in greater ways.

It’s a practice to think bigger and beyond your present moment. It’s a practice to look at your complete picture from a 50K foot view.

7. Big ideas start with simple and consistent action steps.

By planting and nurturing the seeds you plant (your new thoughts and actions), then the infancy of your thoughts will mature.  It must begin somewhere.

No matter where you are, you have a place to start.  Even taking consistent baby steps towards what you want expands the energy flow for more. If you’re not sure how, then the simplest place to begin is with a mantra.

Create a meaningful mantra for yourself, and say it every day, multiple times a day.  Make it your own and raise the vibration.

Here are a few mantras that I’ve used:

  • “I am a money magnet.”
  • “There is always more of where that came from. It’ll be fun to see how it shows up.” (Great one for when you’re paying the bills).
  • “I am a symbol of wealth and prosperity.”

8. More money means more freedom!

When you tap into the energy of money, you tap into freedom energy, too.  How other people spend, invest, reflect, or show off money is merely evidence of money flow.  The more restrictive and judgmental you are about it then the more you restrict your own money flow to you.  Go back to number 1 in this article and start again (be keenly aware of your awareness).

Awareness is where transformation begins, followed by each and every opportunity given to you to make the adjustments in your mindset and actions. Repetitive practice yields results. And each time you adjust it (improve it), you raise the bar and step closer into freedom.

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