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7 Ways To Experience The Two Sides Of You

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

No doubt you’ve had spectacular moments in your life you are particularly proud of…

There’s no doubt you’ve had other moments you are not particularly proud of…

Life is certainly consistent at being perfectly inconsistent…yes?

We are the same in that we both experience moments of bad behavior and moments of good. Your experiences, overall, consists of both highs and lows. The energy is vibrating high or it’s vibrating low.  The energy you experience and embody feels either bright and light or it feels thick and dark.  It’s a constant never-ending flow, and with practice, you can manage its flow to weigh more in your favor.

How do you exactly keep more of the highs as part of your experience versus the lows?

Truth be told, it’ll never be consistently good… there’s no way you can do that.  Even more, the lows are necessary for us to learn, grow and propel to have even higher highs.

There is something you CAN focus on for yourself to experience more light energy and sail through lows with more ease…

Practice being more aware of your awareness and of your energy in every area and exchange of your life (from personal to professional).  Examine the root of your energy (the feeling you have about your experience) and you’ll learn more about you and where you want to be. Consider the practice of self-awareness an everyday practice and you’ll naturally lead yourself to experience more light, high vibrating energy—more positive experiences—attracting more of what you really desire.

Below are examples how to be aware of your energy (your feelings)…and once you’re aware you can manage it and shift it in the direction you’re wanting to go.



  • LIGHT energy behavior always seeks for understanding others or the situation, first, before coming to any conclusion.
  • DARK energy behavior assumes and then suffers the consequences by believing and reacting based on (usually) ill-conceived assumptions.


  • LIGHT energy behavior will always take ownership in any experience that involves misunderstanding and miscommunication. They examine how they played a part in it, make adjustments and personally grow because of it.
  • DARK energy behavior justifies and makes excuses and generally refuses to take responsibility. Placing blame elsewhere is the immediate reaction (escaping personal responsibility in any way they can).


  • LIGHT energy behavior will talk with you and actively engage in listening to you as well as ask you questions to learn more about you and the subject matter being discussed.
  • DARK energy behavior talks AT you, lecturing and clearly stating what they desire, and how they desire it without consideration of the person they’re talking “AT.”


  • LIGHT energy behavior is self-reliant, trusts the Universe and is perfectly OK not knowing the outcome before diving in to explore possibilities. They’ll easily share the win with anyone involved, or remove themselves entirely if the win can be had better without them. They’re confident with themselves and that more opportunities exist in the future.
  • DARK energy behavior is constantly looking for recognition and nurturing and an ego boost with compliments and accolades. They’re competitive in an unhealthy way that can be hurtful and unfair to others.


  • LIGHT energy behavior loves stretching their comfort zones knowing that more good for the greatest and highest good comes from it—learning and testing over and over again. They do this for themselves as well as for the over all good of those around them…even for the planet.
  • DARK energy behavior is comfortable only in the driver’s seat where they’re in control. They prefer security and fear losing the comfortable settings they’ve created. Their fear-based actions are because they only think of themselves and their comfort without consideration of anyone else connected to them.


  • LIGHT energy behavior shows up as a beacon of light encouraging others to find their light—their path—exploring possibilities in all ways. They’ll support others so that they, too, become stronger within themselves. They never worry about people outgrowing them…they love to lead and create more leaders.
  • DARK energy behavior will put other’s down so that they appear even greater without a second thought about what happens to the other person they’ve hurt in the process.


  • LIGHT energy behavior thrives on freedom to be and do anything….go anywhere.  They also easily let others do the same. They never clutch to people preventing them from experiencing the world as they want to.
  • DARK energy behavior manipulates to control. They love freedom for themselves, their way…but don’t easily give that freedom to the people around them.  If it means they’ll be inconvenienced, they’ll find excuses to cause you to feel bad about what you’re doing.

Overall, LIGHT energy people experience dark energy moments (within themselves and through others) and the more awareness you have about this, then you’ll quickly notice the confinement you’ll feel when your surrounded by DARK energy. You’ll instinctively seek more light and shift gears within yourself and/or remove yourself from an experience that feels dark.

DARK energy people feel frustrated when they’re surrounded by light energy people and experiences. It’s pushes buttons reminding them of “lack” in some area of their life. Instead of moving to improve it for themselves, they’ll quickly react and find issues with LIGHT behavior people, telling tall tales about them in an effort to bring them down (see #6 above).

All of us have a light and dark side to ourselves. Knowing what it feels like and understanding why it’s there helps broaden awareness. The more open you are about your own awareness the more you’ll grow and direct the flow of energy you desire.

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Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn is the founder of One Wise Life as well as writer, coach, and creator of ABUNDANCE Bootcamp 3-Week Intensive, an online course designed to help individuals effectively heal, overcome struggle, and experience Spiritual awakening that unfolds self-empowerment creating joyful and ABUNDANT lifestyles. Maria has transformed her own life using the same methods she teaches to overcome obesity and depression to becoming the thought leader she is today using social media and creating a growing fan-base spanning the globe.

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