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7 Success Habits From 7 Famously Successful People

Lauren Jawno
Written by Lauren Jawno

It is well documented, researched and confirmed that having consistent daily routines and rituals will have a dramatic impact on our health, happiness, productivity and success in life.

These good rituals are essential for ensuring your best emotional, psychological and spiritual health. Exercise, meditation, adequate sleep, reading and learning, investing in personal development, spending time outdoors and with loved ones, planning, taking regular breaks during the day, journaling and daily self-reflection are just a few examples of the rituals that some of the wealthiest and most successful people in the world practice on a daily basis.


One of the world’s leading trainers in the areas of personal development, motivation, and high performance and who also happens to be my mentor and coach meditates every day at 2pm and at 7pm for 20 minutes.


Well known to be in bed by 8.30/9pm and up by 5am.


Founder of Microsoft, entrepreneur and philanthropist spends an hour every night before bed reading a book, ranging on topics from politics to current events.


An American IT entrepreneur, inventor and co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple, Inc LOVEd walking – and was known for his “walking meetings.”


COO of Facebook, is up before 6am every day, out the office by 5.30pm and in bed by 11pm.



One of the world’s premier leaders on this topic spends an hour every Sunday morning creating his “Blueprint for a Beautiful Week” and says this is one of the best rituals he has developed.


The founder of Huffington Post has nap rooms in her offices and tries to start every day with meditation.

The astounding success and achievement that we outwardly see in successful people seems effortless and easy. Yet you can be guaranteed that it has taken decades of consistent work, dedication and self-control. We see the highlight reels and not the incredible determination and hard work that takes place day in and day out behind the scenes.

Now you may be thinking that you already have too much on your plate; that you could never even contemplate taking on any more. But what if I told you that taking on even some of these success habits would give you exactly what you most likely need and want more of – more energy, focus, patience and a greater sense of being grounded and connected to yourself and those around you.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you do it consistently by making it a non-negotiablepriority in your day. That is the only way it will have an impact on your life.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article… success, happiness, and good health don’t just happen. You must create them by working hard and being consistent in applying the daily practices that work for you.

And then take the time to appreciate and enjoy the incredible rewards that will come your way!

So what habits do you have that you are willing to commit to even more and what new habits will you start? Share them below and let’s inspire each other to do better and be better.

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Lauren Jawno

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