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5 Ways Honoring Yourself Builds Your POSITIVE Energetic Momentum

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

Honoring yourself gets the POSITIVE energy and momentum started and CONTINUOUS. In fact…honoring yourself inspires you to feel more confident, sexy, inspired, cared for and RELAXED welcoming more positivity.  This can be a gamechanger for you because when that energetic momentum is continuously being built, you open the channels to seeing what’s completely possible for you—awakening your SPIRIT.

Honoring and caring for yourself regularly will expand your love energy and it builds compassion for others (and more IMPORTANT, it builds compassion for yourself).

When you honor and respect yourself and your VALUABLE TIME… others will feel this energy and honor it, too…keeping “CLINGER-ONERS” and ENERGY VAMPIRES at bay.  In fact… YOU’LL SPOT THOSE ENERGY VAMPIRES BEFORE issues ensue.  But if it’s already too late and you’re in the thick of it, honoring yourself will help you manage it better and with more confidence.

Most important… honoring yourself begins the journey opening the doors to WHAT’S POSSIBL  It requires ACTION from you but it doesn’t have to be difficult or even grandiose, it just has to be meaningful, desired and created by you CONTINUOUSLY.

1. Mini Spa Moments

Schedule a full body massage or simply add a foot massage with sea salt scrubs to your already scheduled pedicure. Buy some special aromatic and essential oils and sea salts and have a luxurious bath.  Time away for a massage, pedicures, or a bath means NO INTERRUPTIONS.  That’s a good thing!

2. Write

Make an evening ritual writing your dreams in a loving fashion anchored in a theme of “What’s Possible ” for you and then put it under your pillow.  REMEMBER:  The last thing you think about (where you invest your energy) is what your subconscious has to work with for the rest of the night.  Make it utterly AWE-mazing.

3. Snuggle

If you struggle with loneliness and heartbreaks… order yourself a body pillow and create some snuggle time with yourself.  Include a movie, some popcorn…and go ahead and make it all about YOU!  Trust that the more you nurture and honor yourself, the stronger you become to help others and attract the right person who values and honors you, too.

4. Do Different

Indulge in something you love and that you don’t normally do like the opera, theatre, weekend get-a-way and be sure to do it for no particular reason except to honor yourself with a personal treat or retreat.  Then…to add to that energy, SHOP for something that reminds you of your wonderful experience and time away (art and crafts for your home or special space). It’ll keep the energy high and expansive and it’ll subtly encourage you to do it again! SOOO HEALTHY.  SOOO GOOD!

5. Invest In Your Passion

Even if you don’t know what it is … INVEST ANYWAY.  Whatever peaks your interest, dive in and explore it more.  You’ll never know if it aligns with your passion and purpose unless you actively take part in it and put yourself in the environment, right? If it’s a no-go … NO BIG DEAL … you just learned what doesn’t work and you can confidently eliminate it from the list.  You can move on to the next thing that peaks your interest knowing more about yourself.   PS…. this is abundant thinking and doing and really excellent if you want to level up your life (from personal to professional).

If you want hear more, please watch my LIVE with Maria Flynn Show where I discuss the topic of honoring yourself.

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