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5 Reasons You’ve Lost Control Of Your Life

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

When there’ss no control in your life, it becomes easy to lean into excuses like “life is busy” or fooling yourself into thinking that “things will settle down” eventually.

Think again...

Because if this is your habitual thinking now, then you need only lean into the same excuses in the future. That’s not a prediction, that’s just how habits work.

And so…

Losing control of your life can become a “normal” feeling leading you into mediocre living.

Not having something to create for yourself and your life can spell DISASTER.

Here’s what I know for sure… 

“WAITING” for things to happens only attracts more of what you’re investing your time, energy and resources on—which is more WAITING! The Law of Attraction isn’t that complicated to engage when you understand the root energy you’re ostensibly generating.

Below are 5 areas that when not properly understood can create more havoc in your life which means less control, less joy, and less meaning.

1. You Don’t Understand The Power Behind Goals

By far this is the most important point to understand properly because it influences the following 4 points. Having a goal (any goal) gives you something to aim for (usually something bigger than yourself). Without a goal, you aimlessly move through life dreaming about it rather than actualizing it. 

  • Without goals, you experience more frustrations, and resentment in your life (especially as you watch everyone else pass you by). 
  • Without goals, the energy and intentions around your life get watered down and eventually, you’ll let yourself settle for less.

Even if life is not joyful, the fact that you’ve trained yourself to expect less, becomes comforting (because it’s familiar) and so it’s easy to settle there—and life is reduced to mediocrity.

You’re worth so much more and meant to experience so much more (and it’s why you keep yearning for more). That your Soul Truth.

2. You Haven’t Evaluated Your Beliefs

  • Have you ever evaluated what you believe (about life, about yourself, about anything and everything)?
  • Have you evaluated which are true?What rules are you working around? 

By working on your goals you inevitably push past your comfort zones realizing new talents, new truths… and so whatever limiting beliefs you’ve held (and even beliefs you didn’t realize were holding you back) are crushed and you are free to move ahead!

When you evaluate and test your beliefs, you’ll make room to think BIGGER.  What you desire is aligned with possibilities (and just not wishful thinking).

3. You Don’t Know Where To Start

Without a goal (and therefore likely holding limiting beliefs)—of course, you have no idea where to go, because NOTHING FEELS RIGHT TO YOU!! If you’re not careful, you’ll start mistakingly doing what others do and measure yourself by comparison. This not only drains you, it’ll keep you living and feeling small and unsatisfied.

If this is the case ANY GOAL YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE WILL WORK!!  A goal that pulls the best out of you does ONE VERY IMPORTANT THING—it provides you valuable information!

A goal will help you learn more about what you’re made of and it’ll help you decide what you like (and don’t like).  It opens up new thought patterns which inspires ideas you didn’t have before.

This is what supports you making smart decisions for yourself moving forward.  So go for any goal … really ANYTHING!! Just break down one barrier (it doesn’t have to be big).  The point here is to give yourself a chance to experience something new (not perfect).

4. You Mistake Interesting for Important

When you don’t have goals for yourself or your life, its so easy to get yourself off track. When you’re off track you get bored and that allows for you to become (too) easily distracted.  Here’s what happens… you do things that keep you interested (because it’s better than being bored). But interesting is not necessarily important and isn’t what moves the needle for what you want to create for your life.

  • It might be interesting to scroll through social media and see what every one else is up to…
  • It might be interesting to catch a great series on Netflix and binge watch it…
  • It might be interesting to sit with a circle of friends and chat (or worse…gossip).

What do you do that is interesting but not important???

How much of your time is invested here? You have to know the difference and make your time, energy, and resources count toward and in favor of what you want.

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5. You Think Your Friends and Family are Enough

Friends and family love you, but a choice in growing and improving oneself is one that (whether they realize it or not)—they do not know how to support.

Successful people know how to position themselves for success.  They know it’s not with the people who are counting down the days to Friday and who’s only desire is to tune out from life. It’s not with those dreading Monday’s either.

Successful people are CREATIVE by nature and live life enthusiastically, with purpose, with meaning, and who understand that GROWTH is absolutely necessary (no matter how uncomfortable it feels).

Growth means stretching yourself (and your friends and family who naturally love you DON’T want you uncomfortable, they naturally want to protect you from that). Only you can choose growth for yourself.  When you choose it and own it and respect how valuable and healing this is for your life, then there is no choice but to evolve and transform.  You’ll shift from living in mediocrity to magnificence.

Growth means placing yourself in the environments that propel you to grow. Here you’ll meet NEW friends, and these connections feed your soul, inspire you even more, and encourage your growth (as well as support you through the transformation).  Growth-minded people awaken your SPIRIT.

Friend and family don’t mean to get you off course.  PLUS… relying on anyone outside of you for getting control back into your life is already losing control, right???  And so… it is only COURAGE from within to experience something different that will propel you move, shift, and transform.

Position yourself for new experiences, new people, new thoughts, new exchange with a tribe of people who are courageous and who want to do the same.  This is energetically EXPANSIVE… and so it’s a pretty safe bet, that you’ll expand, too!

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Nothing is permanent my friend and you can turn it around.  💚

Until next time…

Explore, Expand, and Enjoy!

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Maria Flynn

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