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4 Exceptional Gratitude Traits From Today’s Modern Entrepreneur

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

What makes entrepreneurs so unique?  What makes them walk their own path in life?  What makes them turn down traditional employment to risk it all for an inspired “great” idea?

While there are many traits that make entrepreneurs successful (and perhaps that’s another article to come)…I find that the number one trait is the gratitude successful entrepreneurs naturally practice.

Perhaps they write in their gratitude journal (I don’t know)…but as the person who’s studied them for well over 20 years, I’ve seen that they LIVE in gratitude.  BIG DIFFERENCE.

Successful modern entrepreneurs exude gratitude. It’s in their essence that makes them successful.  Here’s how you can spot them:

1.  They thank their clients for the opportunity to serve.

These aren’t just words…but if you’ve ever hired anyone to help you in any way and they’ve thanked you in this way, then you know what I mean.  It’s a genuine way entrepreneurs show gratitude because they reflect joy in having been able to provide a service for you.  You can actually feel how grateful they are to have helped you.  These entrepreneurs are happier to have been able to provide you positive results (and experience it themselves) more than actually receiving the payment for services rendered.

2.  No pressure sales because gratitude keeps them going.

That’s right…there’s no heavy pitch to pressure you for more. Sure, they sell themselves and/or their product, but they do it because they believe in the positive difference it will make for you versus selling from a pressured place of “needing money.”  This is a very new trait I’ve seen rise in the business world. Modern entrepreneurs who have answered their calling are so tuned in with who they are, what they’re naturally talented at doing and how they can serve… that they’re simply grateful to be fulfilling their purpose.  The money that follows is the bonus or the confirmation of work well done.  These entrepreneurs have an unspoken trust in the Universe that more clients will come their way.  They don’t feel a loss when a client leaves here and there…but they trust in the infinite source that more will come as it’s supposed to and let go of what wasn’t meant to be in the first place.

3.  More creative with themselves and their business model.

As modern entrepreneurs tune in to their gratitude channel…you’ll find that they’re more creative with themselves and their business model. These entrepreneurs venture out on their own because they trust they’ll attract exactly who they’re supposed to serve.  This is not marketing for how to earn the most dollars.  It’s a far cry from that.  It’s providing value (often in the most creative ways) and having fun while doing it.  They thrive in the messy creation process and get excited to see the results of their hard work.  They’d rather work alone or with a select few who are grateful to be creating greatness rather than the old school market of, “How much can we get out of you.”  These entrepreneurs aren’t chasing the mighty dollar…they’re answering a deeper calling and purpose.

4.  When the successful entrepreneur wins big monetarily…they get more excited and deeper in gratitude.

When the successful entrepreneur wins big monetarily…they get more excited and deeper in gratitude because now they’re able to give back even more because they’ve prospered well.

Entrepreneur or not…gratitude opens the gateway for more of what you’re grateful for and the flow from there is simply the bonus that expands on the gratitude by way of friendships, partnerships…and yes, money.

“Successful people have a sense of gratitude.
Unsuccessful people have a sence of entitlement.” ~Steven Aitchison.

Gratitude makes a solid foundation from which to grow any business or career and your SELF.  In fact, when you tune in to how gratitude feels…then you’ll also tune in to the joy of who you are and what you’re here to do.  Ultimately, you’ll feel there’s no other choice other than to follow the path to explore more of that deep gratitude feeling by living your purpose.  Gratitude will be such an instrumental component to who you are that it’ll feel uncomfortable to settle for anything different.

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Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn

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