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3 Ways High-Achievers Snap Out of a Funk

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

High-Achievers, when in a funk, see this as an immediate signal to go within and explore.  They don’t just go through a funk, high-achievers GROW through a funk and it’s in that growth where the “funk” serves for a greater good.

GROWing through a funk has everything to do with raising your level of consciousnessNow…HOLD ON… before you think this is a spiritual growth article…think again!  Upleving your level of consciousness is also MASTERING YOUR MINDSET.  If you don’t take responsibility for your mindset and empowering yourself, then you leave your funk (and life) up to chance.  No exceptions.

They don't just go through a funk, high-achievers GROW through a funk and it's in that growth where the 'funk' serves for a greater good.Click To Tweet

Mastering your mindset and continuously nurturing it so that it stays on the path of GROWTH and EMPOWERMENT means being able to…

make better decisions (with clarity)…
feel more joy and more positive about what’s ahead…
know yourself and your strengths even more…
stay focused and therefore more able to create the life you want (by choice and not by chance).

Here are 3 ways you can help yourself snap out of a funk (like the high-achievers):

1. High-Achievers Remove The Blinders And Face The Bold Truth

STOP leaning into excuses.  STOP looking outside of yourself (outside forces) for reasons to blame as the reasons for your funk.  If you’re experiencing a funk then it’s yours and it’s for you to explore and GROW.   This is a real challenge for some.  Truly, some have mastered the art of talking in circles and never getting to the core truth around any funk in their life.

Being in the personal development world (now over 10 years), the one thing I often see is people searching for coaches/masters/teachers (anyone with the “title”) to  justify the problems they have already defined for themselves (the problem being the co-workers, the husband, the parent, the sibling, the friend…).

“Phew I was right…it’s not me, it’s them.” … ehhhh… that’s a BIG FAT NO and far removed from supporting yourself and shifting out of a funk.

Listen, we’ve all had our fair share of funk… and difficult people in our life.  One thing is for sure (and please remember this):  YOU are an extension and expression of the Universe.  YOU are a sacred thumbprint of Her.  YOU have a purpose and being manipulated by energy vampires, narcissists, and assholes is NOT one of them.  When YOU get more excited and aligned with your purpose (your gift and talent that makes your heart sing)…then the less room you have to expand the energy of others meant to tear you down.  Start your own healing process by serving others in ways that make you feel purposeful.

2. High-Achievers Get Out of The Comfort Zone

This more than just a saying.  GO DO IT.   Breaking out of comfort zones is the true path to leveling up your mindset and realizing courage and confidence.  Breaking out of a comfort zone is what signals you (the deeper spiritual you) of what you are truly capable of doing.  If you’re new to this… then start breaking out of comfort zones in small ways.  Small consistent (daily, even a few minutes a day) of action will lead to massive results for youWhat are you waiting for? 

3. High-Achievers Swim In Desires

That’s right!  Get out of “what’s wrong” thinking and get clear about what you DO WANT.  Dedicate time to creative thinking and creative ways to start paving the way for things you want in your life.  Connecting with your desires and taking actions (even small actions) CONSISTENTLY raises your level of consciousness and mastering your mindset (your “CAN DO”).  REMEMBER:  settling into apathy and mediocrity lowers it.  PERIOD.

The BIGGEST SECRET OF ALL….stay connected with what’s possible (even when you’re NOT in a funk).  Read that sentence again, it’s that important.

You see, staying connected, helps you keep the fuels burning and you creating and mastering your mind—and ultimately creating your REALITY.  The time to work on what you want must ALWAYS be on (and not reserved for when you’re in a funk and frustrated).  Stay engaged in communities that support your growth and invest your time participating in them REGULARLY.  When you’re ready, invest in more that supports your GROWTH and personal development.  Empower yourself and the more you’ll crave to step away from the masses and swim with the elite who aren’t afraid to THINK BIG!  This is where life is exciting and dreams are actualized.  After all, it’s always more pleasant to swim where there’s room to swim and create…and not stay in the muddied pools full of everyone trying to get what they can grab, right?

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Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn

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