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3 Things To Remember So You Don’t Become A Hindrance In Your Own Life

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

It’s true… you are designed to GROW and outgrow your present state and circumstance.  And so, by NOT choosing to invest in your personal growth, then by default, you have actively chosen to be a HINDRANCE in your own life.  This is being a DISSERVICE to yourself and people you love. No exceptions.

(Too often) I see people wait for the SHIT TO HIT THE FAN before they decide change has to happen.  That’s when I get the call (for coffee, or lunch, or dinner) to “PICK MY BRAIN.”

It’s the breakdown in life through illness, divorce, broke mindset, broke (financially), and more that forces change to happen.  This is the BREAKDOWN before the BREAKTHROUGH.

To be sure, this is a good turning point for many who choose to turn their wounds into wisdom. It’s in the breakdown that you’re forced to open up to new perspectives and do different things moving forward.

However, if the breakdown is the only time you embrace change and personal growth, then isn’t that also SOOOOO STRESSFUL?

Does it put you in the driver’s seat or is the breakdown putting you in REACTION MODE?

And so…

If a breakdown is the only time change happens, then is your energetic momentum one that attracts or chases? This is REALLY IMPORTANT to ask yourself and to consider!

If outside influences uproot your life and are the only reason for change, you are not in the driver's seat of your life. Effectively, you're living a REACTIVE LIFESTYLE.Click To Tweet

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CHANGE, to be sure is GOOD FOR YOU especially if it’s INVOKED by you.  Here are a few things to remember about change:

1. HEALTHY change DOES NOT Include the deconstruction of others.

Deconstruction of self, YES. This is part of your personal growth.  As much as you are learning new to promote positive change in your life, you must also unlearn the things keeping your life on hold. In the end, GROWTH is never about “them.”   Whoever caused you to pause, think, rethink, and reconsider moving forward (no matter how difficult it is to live through) remember, that “them” was your teacher.


After choosing to invoke positive thoughts for a positive change in your life, then you must ACTIVELY DO THEM in your physical world.  Yes, this means ACTION on your part.  Don’t shrink from living what you’ve learned. Expect that anything NEW that you do to be and feel clumsy (because they are).  No one ever said it was going to easy, but it is always worth it.

Listen, this is where you’ll make waves and others won’t like it.  However, If you’re not making waves then you’re never gonna make it, either. Pleasing everyone will never work and in fact DROWNS YOU OUT in the end. 

GROWTH is more than just “positive thinking.” Growth includes practicing discernment, setting boundaries, evolving, growing and outgrowing.

3.   Ask yourself GOOD Questions.

Are you aware of what working and supporting you AS MUCH as you aware of what IS NOT Working and Supporting you?

  • Have you looked at your life with FORWARD THINKING eyes? How do you see yourself in 10 years?  In 20 years?   Do you have a vision for yourself…if not, why not?
  • Have you put yourself in the communities that help you create and build your vision?  Have you purposely and lovingly invested in the communities and the people who will propel you forward and who understand growth?
  • Are you aware of PATTERNS that work and that DON’T WORK?  Are you making adjustments in your life to keep you on the path of personal growth?

One thing is for sure, change is a constant in our lives.  For sure, some change is unexpected, but if you keep yourself on the path of growth you keep yourself STRONG and when unexpected change happens we’re better prepared and manage it (and the stress)…SO MUCH BETTER!

Good and positive growth is something you must INVOKE and include as part of your lifestyle.

Life isn’t always about being “hard” or “getting harder” but rather THINKING and DOING something different.  Creating positive change invoked by YOU, makes YOU wholly responsible for it.

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Maria Flynn

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