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3 Things To Leave Behind Before Heading Into The Next Decade

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

Hello and welcome to the One Wise Life podcast. I’m your host Maria Flynn, founder of One Wise Life the podcast, ezine and programs for high-achievers wanting to live empowered and meaningful lives.  Everything from One Wise Life is spiritually smart, sassy, and little bad assy.

This week my partner in crime, Lauren Jawno and I got together to share some insight we recently shared with members of our group coaching program, Mojo Mastery.

Lauren is a certified high-performance coach, speaker, author, and Director of Coaching for She has shared the stage with experts including Brendon Burchard, Trent Shelton, Tony Horton, Rachel Hollis and more.

Together, we founded Mojo Mastery in 2017 with the purpose of bringing an amazing tribe together for  life-coaching that includes practical and effective strategies to level up your energy and live an empowered life.

In this podcast, Lauren is bringing you the 3 top things on her list to leave behind before you welcome the new year and a new decade.

We covered the gamut including why…

  • Blaming others removes your empowerment and constricts your growth, and your energetic vibration (influencing what you attract into your life).
  • Your friends and family are people you love (but NOT necessarily the tribe to help you grow and become empowered).
  • Identifying when and how to say YES and NO throughout your life so that you can positively influence your life.
  • Habits help empower your mindset AND also help you create more freedom.
  • “Putting your intentions out to the Universe” is really just an EXCUSE and how it’s hurting your ability to attract naturally into your life.
  • Inauthenticity derails you from creating the life you want.
  • The characteristics that make you the MOST MAGNETIC person.
  • Mastering your mind helps you master your energy.
  • You must boot out the idea of “convenience” because it doesn’t work (and why).
  • A random approach to your thoughts adversely impacts the results in your life.
  • Identifying who you are with clarity will allow you to have a better chance being the calm in any storm.
  • “Going with the flow” is a CRAP and a LOW ENERGY response to life.
  • Showing up for yourself consistently naturally creates more FREEDOM in life.

To learn more about our Mojo Mastery Group Coaching in 2020, you can CLICK HERE to join us.  When you join, you’ll have access to the full Mojo Masterclass and Q&A where we share all 10 things to leave behind before the next decade so you can position yourself for more successes in 2020 and next decade!

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Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn is the founder of One Wise Life as well as writer, coach, and creator of ABUNDANCE Bootcamp 3-Week Intensive, an online course designed to help individuals effectively heal, overcome struggle, and experience Spiritual awakening that unfolds self-empowerment creating joyful and ABUNDANT lifestyles. Maria has transformed her own life using the same methods she teaches to overcome obesity and depression to becoming the thought leader she is today using social media and creating a growing fan-base spanning the globe.

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Maria's purpose is to educate individuals to the reality that everyone (no exceptions) is a Sacred Thumbprint of the Universe (an extension and expression of the Universe) and therefore have an innate ability to work with the Universe by integrating their own Spiritual Force supporting the creation of joyful, successful, meaningful, and ABUNDANT lifestyles. Maria's proven that her real and practical approach and system works with clients around the world who've experienced massive breakthroughs.