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3 Things People With Integrity Consistently Embrace!

Susan Mullen
Written by Susan Mullen

Today, our digital presence must match, or at least hold a candle to our in-person persona. How one presents in either area will default to their personal level of integrity across the boards in person, via media or esoteric.

It’s no surprise we might find ourselves thriving one moment and bumping into dis-integrating vibes or weeding through the occasional disappointment in another.

The good news is there are 3 specific things people with integrity consistently embrace and uphold in all areas in their day to day lives!


They’re not flaky and they don’t allow anyone to dim their light. What they DO (actions), SAY (words), and FEEL (thoughts) match in a perpetual state of conscious awareness. There is not a lot of wiggle room in the ‘if’ department of those who consistently strive for honorable harmony, especially when it becomes hard or uncomfortable.


When a person of integrity is having an off day or even a bad day, they will make it a part of their day, not make an excuse that lets you down. They merge the good and the not so good in a way that does not interfere with the principles of #1. If they do, they are the first to let you know.


They know they are part of a bigger picture, not just the star of their own show. They intrinsically know their value and stay in their lane. They are not competitive with anyone outside of themselves as they are interested in honoring their follow through.

People of integrity do best delivering their intentions and promises in an exchange of mutual trust and respect. They are not in the habit of disappointing others or themselves, or aligning with those who do.

They value and respect people and time; yours and their own.

Above all, those with integrity are known to surmount bumps in the road as equally as opportunities!

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Susan Mullen

Susan Mullen

Susan Mullen is an intuitive, animal communicator, best-selling author, and certified intuitive coach. She writes, speaks, and teaches about abundance, the power of perspective, and intuitive living via harmony in mind, body, and spirit/soul.
She is the creator of the Pilot Light Intuitive Sessions where she lovingly guides her clients to their next best step in empowering intuitive sessions. She lives in southern Maine with her husband, two daughters, and a few well-cared for cats. Website – Facebook: Susan Mullen, Intuitive Living