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3 Reasons Why Harmony Is The New Balance! (And How To Connect To Yours!)

Susan Mullen
Written by Susan Mullen

Before I get into the dynamics of this juicy topic, I have two questions for you.

Of the 7 chakra centers in your body: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown –Notice where these questions ‘land’ in your body. (Don’t think through these; feel. Trust your first response. There are no wrong answers. Go!).

·       Where does it land when you say “I’m trying to balance it all.”

  • Where does it land when you say “I’m striving for harmony.”

Maybe number 1 landed somewhere between the solar plexus and the heart chakra. (the wisdom center in the pit of stomach or just above). If so, it might have felt like a closed or tense feeling as we can subconsciously associate ‘balance’ with trying to juggle 3 flaming torches on a tightrope.

If number 2 landed somewhere between the 3rd eye chakra and the crown chakra (universal/awareness centers). You may have felt levity by smiling or by lifting your eyebrows. This statement can light up our spidey senses as it connects to wonder, possibility, and flow.

Maintaining harmony is an orchestrated way of being. It is appreciating the nuance of what ‘is’ in each moment more so than going through life crossing off a to-do list.  It’s like a beautiful piece of music that is the result of several musicians. Harmony is considering our mind, body, and soul to contribute to the big picture.

Harmony is all around us. The moon and the oceans have a cyclical relationship. The seasons and the birds are in sync, too, as some species instinctively relocate while others do not. They’re never expected to stay. If they did, this would be of great concern to ornithologists.

Harmony, by design, keeps the universal humming moving along and forward. Taking on more than we can handle is counter intuitive and will just bog down an overextended juggler.

The concept of balance caught fire a few decades in the ‘me and more’ era of the ‘80’s which left many overextended in stuff, debt and expectation.

Balance is valid and has its place and value, but it often the effort of the mind/ego essence where getting something crossed off a check list ‘by the end of the day, or else’ might tax our exhausted body or thwart our wise soul who is whispering, “slow down.” Balance is like a teeter totter where not everything on the plank is up in the air at once. When we are managing some things well, one side is up, which leaves one side down. It might mean we have too much on our plate at once.

By flipping from the vibe of balance to the vibe of harmony, we are redirected to the higher vibration of ‘collaboration’, or just doing ‘our part’, just like an orchestra. In active harmony, we are not aligned with worry (failing) or guilt (letting someone/thing down). A ‘dropped ball’ can incite feelings which can bring on a boatload of unnecessary outcomes.

We’re waking up spiritually and authentically, and many are trying to find healthier ways of maintaining their mojo!

Here are 3 reasons Harmony is The New Balance:

1). Harmony allows us to live by choice not chance.

Each day has a rhythm and flow regardless of the quality of our to-do list. Leaving space in our day allows us to tune into ‘What’s possible’ as we go from task to task, as overnight, things may change via others, or the universe may have shifted her alignment. Rather than participating from the linear mind perspective, (I can do it!), promote your soul essence to lead the day (What’s possible…?). Harmony also lets us instinctively know when to go with the flow, not the list. (This does not mean it’s okay to skip the workout or call out of work because you don’t feel like it today. Each of those areas of consistency that propel you forward, not take from you).

2). Harmony is not stressful, it’s natural (being of nature).

Ever notice how trees release their leaves each season and how mama birds nudge their young out of the nest when it’s time for their first flight? They don’t spend energy worrying or feeling guilty if baby flops. Nature just allows her natural transitions. Mother Nature has so much wisdom if we choose to notice and remain teachable!

3). Harmony encourages others to chime into the big picture.

Taking on too much can indicate perfectionism or taking on what isn’t even ours to carry through. This denies others the opportunity to express their gifts, talents, and contributions to the world, and sets us up to be juggling lit torches on a self-imposed tightrope.

Here are a few ways you can connect to your harmony:

·       Re-evaluate what you agree to and why as well as what you expect of yourself and others.

·       Discern then burn any label you inherited or were given – in your family, at work, in social groups, and community. Stop participating in ways of being that are not you.

·       Allow others to carry their part of the load (big picture).

·       Clean house; inner and outer. Let each item on a to do list and anything that goes through your hands land in one of three boxes: Do it, delegate it, or dump it. (Then follow through!)

Switching to this collaborative, higher vibration and way of being changes SO much; the wind in our sails suddenly shifts and our energetic weight lightens so we can flow with ease and grace!

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Susan Mullen

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