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2 Ways To Attach To Your Desires NOT Your Detours!

Susan Mullen
Written by Susan Mullen

You can feel, sense, and tell it’s time to change but you haven’t quite aligned with how. You can easily name what you want, but you have no idea of the next step.

When we get lost in the overwhelm and moving parts of life we can create detours that subconsciously restrict movement (growth), creating safe comfort zones. It can be by trying to remain in control rather than delegate things we feel we can do better or faster (perfectionism) or believe in something unattainable like ‘we can have it all at the same time’; that it keeps us on the hamster wheel. We weren’t designed to have it all at the same time, and it’s okay. It’s no wonder we sometimes find we are knee deep in the mud.

Humans are very habit oriented. When we get misaligned, we create detours to cope, rather than ways to move forward.

Great day to day habits leads to great outcomes. Unhealthy habits don’t produce anything of positive use. Becoming aware of what is ours to do, fix, or delegate and what is not is important, but how we navigate it all via the congruency in our feeling, speaking, and actions is what actualizes the trajectory of our life.

Maybe you’re writing a book but can’t focus on another blank page because you fit your writing in at the dentist’s waiting room or some other ‘downtime’ not designated for your beautiful writing project.

Maybe you’re ready to lose the weight, but your life is jam-packed with maintaining family, work, and other priorities that at first look, there isn’t any room to squeeze in an hour a day for you to exercise.

Maybe you’ve outgrown girls night socializing around alcohol oriented activities and would rather create a book club, but have no idea how to let your friends down or change a status quo.

You just know something has to change. That means it does. And the good news is that what you want and desire is just waiting on you!

These are just some common scenarios that revolve around daily struggles in certain areas of our lives. But achieving what we claim we want involves aligning with the energy that supports it by downsizing and/or upgrading in some way or at the different seasons in our lives.

The first step in realizing a goal or desire, big or small, is determining if we are or are not subconsciously self-sabotaging!

Here are 2 ways to attach to your desires and not your detours!


This is a quick formulaic nutshell. This (in)congruence will determine why things never seem to change or why things are suddenly moving forward. Stating “I’m trying to lose 10 pounds” (words) over pizza and ice cream (action), while feeling (thoughts) on the inside ‘It’s useless…’ is contradictory energy that keeps us stuck. Stagnant. In the mud. Confusing the universe, our minds, our bodies, and those around us. NOTHING new can result in this energy.


These are two very different energetic vibrations that produce very different outcomes. When we are under the assumption that things happen smoothly for some, but not all of us, we are in a divisive belief that halts us in our tracks. It’s a subconscious way of allowing us to watch life unfold rather than actively participate towards our desires.

If you find yourself in this complex space occasionally, try creating a power statement of congruency such as, “I am choosing differently so these last 10 pounds will release with ease. I love preparing food every Sunday (action), so I don’t have to make last minute meal decisions during the week. I now share carpooling with another parent so I can walk my neighborhood for an hour 3 times a week after work. (thoughts)”.

Positive change happens when we are actively pursuing positive choices, and positive choices quickly become positive habits!

It’s important to remember we are always in co-creation with the universe as active participants. Tweaking and aligning our vibration to match our desires will instantly tune us into the positive flow that puts the wind in our sails.

I’d love to hear how this formula works for you!

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Susan Mullen

Susan Mullen

Susan Mullen is an intuitive, animal communicator, best-selling author, and certified intuitive coach. She writes, speaks, and teaches about abundance, the power of perspective, and intuitive living via harmony in mind, body, and spirit/soul.
She is the creator of the Pilot Light Intuitive Sessions where she lovingly guides her clients to their next best step in empowering intuitive sessions. She lives in southern Maine with her husband, two daughters, and a few well-cared for cats. Website – Facebook: Susan Mullen, Intuitive Living