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14 Things Only Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs Would Understand

Mark Pettit
Written by Mark Pettit

Heart-centered entrepreneurs and creatives think and act differently. They are focused on truly making a difference and want to get their message, product or service out to the world in a truly authentic way.

They have a gift, are deeply passionate about wanting to help as many people as possible but sometimes they’re not sure how to get their message to truly resonate with their target audience.

Heart-Centered entrepreneurs are driven by love, whether a deep passion for what they’re doing or a focus on being of service to the most important people in their lives.

I’ve seen this firsthand as a Coach working with a number of hear-centered entrepreneurs. They `all feel they have a special gift that they want to share but are sometimes stuck and unable to focus on their true calling.

If you are a heart-centered entrepreneur or work with one there may be times when you feel you are coming from a completely different space and perspective than the people you spend your time with.

That’s one of the reasons creating a community or building relationships with people who come “from the same loving space” as you are so important.

We should celebrate these people who are ready to pursue their dreams on their own terms and who express their purpose through their heart.

It all begins, though, by seeing the world through their lens and remembering these 14 things:

1. They are often not clear on their true value.

Coming from a place of love and staying true to doing what you love sometimes means you work for free or for a lower price than you should.

This can be exhausting at times and limits your results and the opportunity to increase your income if you desire.

By understanding your true value and having the confidence to say “I’m worth that” can change your mindset and create more financial abundance in your life.

It also helps you show up in a bigger way that feels natural to you.

2. They struggle with clarity and having a clear focus.

You have so many ideas about how you can make a difference and follow your passion but you often struggle to follow through and implement.

You’re not always clear on who you can help and where you should be best spending your time.

You can be overwhelmed by what to focus on next which creates indecision and a lack of momentum to really move forward with your message.

You can truly make a difference but sometimes you’re not sure what to prioritise and focus on.

3. They know their own purpose even if others don’t.

You would rather be authentic and come from a place of love and purpose than be popular.

Staying true to who you are and what you believe in means everything to you. You won’t compromise on that and define your own success as it aligns to your ethics and values.

You surround yourself with people who share the same vision.

4. They fear selling.

They feel that selling is something that other people do and often doesn’t align with their purpose.

They want to sell in a way that feels good and natural so they don’t have to compromise on their message and true calling. The act of selling is rooted in their “why” and is focused on the difference they can truly make.

5. They struggle staying accountable.

They want freedom and flexibility in their life and want to grow a business on their own terms.

But they sometimes struggle with having the right mindset and building a strategy and action plan that moves them forward without the overwhelm.

Being held accountable, from peers, friends or a coach and having the right belief system can help them create the business and life they truly want.

6. They love being part of a like-minded community.

They crave surrounding and aligning themselves with people who come from a similar place of love.

This community allows them to truly be themselves, share their innermost thoughts and be a space to share ideas.

This group shares a similar purpose, shares the same challenges and is focused on helping each other make a difference.

They can learn from each other and collaborate. This community is necessary to help each other reach higher levels of achievement and purpose.

7. They need space to think and align with their purpose.

Creating the right environment, both online and offline, is essential to idea generation and heightened creativity,

It may be a studio, home office, online group, meet up group or favoured coffee shop.

It is a sacred space to just be, think clearly or let the creative juices explode.

8. They focus intensely.

When they’re focused on their true purpose and come from a place of confidence heart-centered entrepreneurs can tune out the rest of the world so they can focus.

But, when they’re interrupted or feel the pressure to do many things they begin to feel overwhelmed.

They cannot multi-task effectively and can struggle to get centered again when they’re interrupted or are working on activities that don’t have higher meaning.

9. They feel deeply.

Coming from a place of love and purpose means you feel deeply about every connection you make and the work you do.

You really embrace the highest highs but can be derailed by negative thoughts or comments in a big way.

10. They have a habit of procrastinating.

Because you are coming from a place of love and purpose you can often shift very quickly to a place of sadness and fear very quickly.

That’s way you surround yourself with people that are there from you and can pick you up quickly,

Limiting beliefs and fear of failure often stop you from taking action, implementing your plans and achieving the success you want.

You have a sensitive soul, that is the very essence of you but can also be your downfall as you often doubt what you can really be

11. They often struggle with resistance.

Heart-Centered entrepreneurs have a clear mission and purpose. Most days they wake up with a desire to help and make a difference.

They know they need to grow and push themselves but there is a lot of fear involved. They remember their failures. They wonder if they have what it takes to succeed.

If their business is not as successful as they like they have the comments about “getting a proper job” and “is this a real business”

Even if they’re successful, this fear is often there and they have to conquer this to really fulfil their purpose.

12. They take everything they do personally.

When they put themselves out there for the world to see they leave themselves open.

Some people embrace this and some people struggle to separate themselves from the critiques or comments.

That’s why there are often many highs when there is positive validation and deep lows when the criticism impacts on their sense of self-worth.

13. They struggle to believe in themselves.

The voice in their head often asks Am I good enough? This creates a limiting mindset and fears that hold the heart-centered entrepreneur back.

They are often comparing themselves and worrying they are missing out on a new opportunity or new conversation.

They often fail to see their unique value and skills even though others always do. They struggle with compliments even ones aligned to their true mission and ask themselves if they could do more.

14. They love to collaborate with like-minded souls.

They want to surround themselves with people that have a similar mindset and share the same purpose. If they can find people that have the same ethics and values and do things from a place of love, it’s like gold dust for them.

They are always looking for people and groups where they can be authentic, true to themselves and come from a place of passion.

When they find these people they are always looking for ways to work together, share stories and build each other up.

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