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Can “Healthy” Foods Be Hurting You? (The Difference Between Food Sensitivities and Allergies)

Written by Melissa Crispell

What Are the Causes of Chronic Illness and Auto-Immune Issues?  Can your food, even the healthy food, hurt you?

One of the major advancements in science in recent years has been the expanded understanding of the immune system and its far greater and more important role in general health and wellness. Initially, it was thought that our immune system only protected us from “invaders” from the environment, bacteria, or viruses.  We now understand the immune system plays a protective role as well. The defense component of the immune system does fight off those “invaders” that cause illnesses and the repair component helps restore tissue and organ damage the illness may have caused. If either the defense or repair function becomes overburdened immune dysfunction and disease may result.

“Recent studies have shown that when the defense elements or lymphocytes (type of white blood cell) of the immune system are burdened due to the effect of foreign antigens, the vital repair process suffers. Organs and tissues weaken over time, and the body’s ability to fight off future assaults is reduced. The effect of immune system dysfunction can result in chronic inflammatory and auto immune diseases that often defy treatment.”
(Dr. Russell Jaffe, ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies)

Delayed food and chemical sensitivities are different than allergies. 

Delayed sensitivities can be hard to find because symptoms happen 3 hours to 3 weeks after the exposure.  Those delayed food reactions and chemical sensitivities further contribute to chronic low-grade systemic inflammation. What happens when we have inflammation? Anything can happen!  Infertility rates go up, unidentified skin conditions, inability to lose weight, chronic “invisible” pain, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, the list is really endless.   The greatest burdens to our immune system are remnants of incomplete digestion and environmental antigens.  For example: if an apple is identified on your food sensitivity results – this would mean that every time you eat an apple your immune system is responding as if it is a “foreign invader”.   Imagine your immune system responding to 2 or 3 (in most cases even more) antigens at once over the course of a week, a month, and if left unaddressed even years. You can see how the system can get overburdened very quickly.  By identifying these immune triggers and avoiding exposures the burden can be reduced or even eliminated. This can help the defense and repair system to return to optimal function.

All labs are not created equal.  In fact, there are labs whose methods of measuring are flawed. You’ll want gold standard in delayed food and chemical sensitivity labs. My preferred lab observes the lymphocyte reactions. This is akin to peeking inside the immune system for a very clear picture of how the system is responding. Thus giving you a window of opportunity to repair and restore tolerance. Combine the delayed food reactions and chemical sensitivities report with a multi-phase detox and the end result is improved and sustainable health.

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