Meet the Featured Coaches and Contributors To One Wise Life

Health, Wellness, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

Melissa Crispell is a clinical nutrition specialist and certified wellness coach and the owner of Long-Term Wellness.  A results-proven coach, Melissa turns your body goals into a reality. Stop suffering from skin issues and food baby-belly bloating!  Melissa will help you identify health goals, learn new habits, and help you live the healthy lifestyle you’re looking for…you can grow your own way, one step at a time. One-on-One and group coaching sessions available.  For daily health tips, follow Melissa on her FACEBOOK page.

Leadership Coaches and Speakers

Harvey Deutschendorf is an emotional intelligence expert, internationally published author and speaker. Take The EI Quiz:  Read The Book: THE OTHER KIND OF SMART, Simple Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence for Greater Personal Effectiveness and Success has been published in 4 languages. You can follow him on Twitter @theeiguy.

Rikk Hansen is a national leader in guiding career reinvention. As founder at CallingCoach.Academy he trains coaches in the art of guiding people to find their Soul’s Calling and express it with fulfilling work. And as founder at Brilliant NEXT he teaches Nature’s Reinvention MAP and supports women and men to find their career calling at any age. Connect with Rikk on Facebook.

Healing and Natural Therapies Coach

Amanda Foy grew up in Australia with her Grandmother an active participant in her childhood.  Amanda had been around natural therapies and concepts since 10 months of age back in 1971. Practicing since the age of 16 in understanding how emotions impact’s health when she learned about Neuro Emotional Technique from her Chiropractor. Amanda spent the first 21 years of her career in mass communications and administration in international and domestic large industry specializing in understanding human nature. In 2009 she decided to take the leap into her Natural Therapy future. Developing a unique process called Emotional Strength Training, Amanda is able to see emotional memory stuck in her clients body and then uses a process to sweep it away like a giant broom. Amanda is a medically friendly practitioner who stands by her belief that working together with medicine, patients can expect great outcomes.  Amanda’s Website and Facebook Page

High-Performance Coaches

Lauren Jawno is one of less than 170 elite internationally Certified High Performance Coaches™ in the world.

She’s built a thriving practice around living a whole and high performance life – based on relevant, cutting-edge research and information. I love to coach my clients to success, to achieve the life they truly want, through programs which not only match their goals and personalities but also educate and empower them to reach their highest potential, to be high performers.

A highly sought after keynote speaker for hundreds of public and private events across North America and the UK, Lauren is also the author of Change4Good – The Ten Essentials for Food, Fitness and the Good Life

Mark Pettit coaches successful, talented and ambitious female entrepreneurs, and his company, Lucemi Consulting, makes it faster and easier for them and their teams to multiply their performance, results, success, happiness, and personal freedom with unique and effective strategies, systems and tools.

He helps entrepreneurs find their purpose, build a vision and create a lifetime of confident high performance by giving them the confidence, clarity and focus to maximise their time, simplify their lives, grow their profits and do more of the things they love. Website. Transform your life and take your business to the next level. Book a Free Clarity Call with Mark to discuss what could be possible for you and your business.

Intuitive Coach and Author

Susan Mullen is an intuitive, animal communicator, best-selling author, and certified intuitive coach. She writes, speaks, and teaches about abundance, the power of perspective, and intuitive living via harmony in mind, body, and spirit/soul.

She is the creator of the Pilot Light Intuitive Sessions where she lovingly guides her clients to their next best step in empowering intuitive sessions. She lives in southern Maine with her husband, two daughters, and a few well-cared for cats.  Website –  Facebook: Susan Mullen, Intuitive Living

Healing and Angel Intuitive Coach

Gina Sendef is an Angel Intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher and Author.  She created Angel Tribe with Gina on Facebook as a means to share teaching and mentoring on Social Media, as well as provide people with guidance from the positive and loving energy of their Angels. Through Angel Readings, Divine Life Coaching, Angel Reiki and other programs; Gina gives people divine counsel and healing that will improve their health, uncover their life’s purpose, enrich their relationships and enhance their lives.  She also teaches about spirituality, angels and energy healing regularly in her Angel School via Angel Tribe with Gina on Facebook.

Gina also writes about spirituality, angels, energy healing and mindful parenting for many blogs.  Her book, “Truth Works, Divine Life Lessons For Kids Of All Ages” is a spiritual self-Help book for parents and kids alike; available at For more information Gina’s work and writing, please visit Angel Tribe with Gina on Facebook.