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5 Signs You’re Waking Up Your Spiritual Self And Using It To Help You In Your Daily Life

Maria Flynn
Written by Maria Flynn

Too often, too many put their spiritual self aside to make room for everything else you think you need to help your life.  Truth be told, nothing keeps you farther away from what you want then when you do this!

Your life is more than just one area and when you feel out of whack it’s usually because you’ve let one area go far too long without any nurturing.  Not all areas of life will run on “high octane” all the time, but paying attention to the areas of life that need a boost you start to experience different results.

When you nurture your spiritual self and welcome it as part of who you are, you’ll see how it naturally weaves into your day-to-day and supports you.

Some signs you may be noticing include:


You wake up at odd hours in the night (sometimes the same time, like 1:11 am, 3:33 am, or 4:44 am). Angelic presence seems to do this to get your attention.  Let’s face it, the numbers stand out AND this is when you are MOST OPEN to receive because you’re not distracted by outside influences at this hour.

Most important to note is that even if you wake up consecutively at these early hours, the fact that you know it’s meaningful now means that you find yourself not irritated about waking at these odd hours and you feel totally grateful.  You choose to explore why and meaning behind the signs and the numbers.  The fact that you’re exploring leads you to uncover more of your life journey (putting the puzzle pieces together) and keeping you open to receive more.  This is living in a high vibrating frequency….inviting other things, too, like creativity and intuition.


It’s true!!  You think it… and it shows up. JUST LIKE THAT!  It’s no coincidence…it’s your energy leveling up. You’ve learned to act on the things that feel right to you and like magic the right person comes along taking you to the next level.

YOU REALLY EXPERIENCE the quote, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Your energy is up because your ready for more and you hunger for more and therefore the Universe is only responding to the frequency—WELL DONE!

The magic can show up in the form of teachers, books, blogs, posters, introductions, events, networking.  But here’s the cool thing… you find yourself operating differently because when you decide to invest in the book, the program or attend events (social and professional) you do so from a place of knowingness (and without knowing exactly why).  You’re answering the gentle nudges and pulls you feel, trusting your own energy and intuition more.


Because you’re trusting your own energy and intuition, you may start to develop non-negotiables about foods.  You’ll feel you’re hurting your spirit digesting chemical heavy foods

You’ll want to eat differently (more healthy) or crave certain foods that help you align with higher energies.  This isn’t necessarily dieting…but you simply want to live more in sync with the Universe and foods make a difference for you and how you feel (either helping you staying with the rhythm and flow of the Universe or not).

Some ways you may experience this a sudden desire to eat less red meat, or add more water, or add more organic foods in your daily meals. PROCESSED and heavily chemically based foods can’t support you the way natural and organic can—straight from MOTHER EARTH is always a good choice for you.


You experience quick flashes of light from the corners of your eyes or see orbs in front of you (and even in pictures you’ve taken).  You may even think there’s is something wrong with your eyesight, making an appointment with the eye doctor only to discover there is nothing wrong!

You tend to notice the sudden appearance of orbs or flashes of light at the exact time you are with someone who is speaking the things that resonate and align with YOU.  These are more signs and confirmations of the Univers that you’re on the right track!

Not only are you seeing the orbs and flashes of light, you all see others around you with more love and compassion, too.


The third eye chakra is aching to break open and it’s about to…hence the increase of headaches.
You may experience more fogginess overall.  You naturally find yourself placing your forefinger on the third eye with relief in mind and relief happens—healing the headache from a place of intuition versus a pill or two.

You are literally “healing” and reaching for this intuitive kind of healing automatically because you are allowing your spiritual self shine and support you in your life.

BOTTOM LINE:  You’ll know you’re weaving in your spiritual self into your world because you’re feelings include things like….

  • Trusting your intuition
  • Finding more ease ignoring naysayers and people who don’t align with your soul
  • Getting clearer about what’s correct for YOU—even if it seems WHACKY or HOKEY to others
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