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Top 5 Things To Be Gained With Energy Healing

Amanda Foy
Written by Amanda Foy

Energy Healing. What the heck is Energy Healing? You hear people talking about it, and perhaps you are one of those people that sit there and nod with normal eyes, but on the inside your eyes are as wide as a deer’s about to be squashed by a big truck with giant headlights. You want to remain cool, and at the same time not be someone that wants to admit that you have no idea what energy healing is.

Rather than go into the science of it, because really, people like Greg Bradden, Eckhart Tolle, Dr Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Dr Caroline Myss and Dr Bruce Lipton to name a few, all have a good handle on that, you can go and do some research on the “what”. I’m going to help you with, “how come”, the outcomes you can expect when you do start adopting energy healing into your life.

As the Emotional Strength Trainer, there’s one biggy that I need to give you straight up. Emotional trauma leaves an energetic memory or footprint in your body when it occurs. Basically, that teaching of “Thoughts become things”. Emotional trauma means different things to different people, and that is firmly linked to soul agreements. The emotional THOUGHT becomes a THING that shows up as a TRIGGER, that leads to overwhelm, anxiety, illness, chronic illness and the biggy – Cancer. Just to be completely clear too, energy work combined with medicine when you get to the end of the collection of bad things you just read, are the bom-diggety. Bom-diggety: Adjective. A glowy, energy, shiny term also known as “really wise choice”.

Here’s the top five things you can expect to gain by saying “oh yes, I’d like you to help me especially glowy, shining bright like a diamond, Energy Healing Person”.


The biggest and largest smack in the face, throat or stomach you are going to get is when awareness kicks in. You see, you are born a blank canvas and because you are an infant without capacity for too much for a fair while, the people who are holding the paint brushes and supplying the paint start to give you their stories and belief systems and fears. As a completely vulnerable child your soul starts to play out all these agreements with other souls that start to shape your thoughts, feelings and actions. In many cases, people don’t start to seek self-awareness until everything in their life feels like it’s hitting the bottom of the barrel. So, when your barrel is leaving splinters in your face, and you want to start getting some results, an energy healing person will start to give you the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.


Closely following on the heels of awareness is acceptance. You know, if you were going to do an alphabet song on personal development, you get two for the price of one with the letter A. Let’s start at the very beginning, it’s the very best place to start…. Awareness AND Acceptance.  Acceptance occurs as soon as you grasp the concept of soul agreements. Energy healing, starts helping you connect the dots and at the very beginning, your very first soul agreements where with the two people who conceived you from a blip on a quantum thread into a real live human.  Energy healing starts to clear away the clutter in your brain that helps you connect those first few dots which helps you stand up in the AA class (Acceptance and Awareness Class) and say “Hello, my name is Amanda and I accept that my soul brought me these agreements to help me learn what it is I do and don’t want in my life. I have been in a level of acceptance for 5 weeks and 6 days now.”


Sometimes this part of the outcome equation, when you do adopt energy healing into your life, can sit you on your bottom for a few days. Picture yourself sitting in a comfy armchair still in your pj’s with the television not on the channel properly and you are staring blankly at the floor as every memory you have to do with the soul agreements you realize have brought you to this very moment, playing over again in your head. It’s that moment that should come with the warning label you get on pain killers “do not operate machinery, sign legal documents and put corks on all your eating forks.” You know you are through the harrowing part of this journey when the REALIZATION hits you that YOU are in charge of everything you want for yourself from this moment forward. The greatest outcome with Awareness, Acceptance and Realization is that BLAME no longer has a chair at the table that gets the biggest slice of your favorite pie. Ever again.


With the advent of Awareness, Acceptance and Realization shooting BLAME out of the picture, you are able to start to formulate a plan of change. Now, this is an important part of the new life you have that involved energy healing. The proverbial onion layers can start to be peeled away. Remember, this gig is all about joining the dots and finding the puzzle pieces. It’s not the domain of the kindergarten anymore. That’s why adult colouring-in books became such a massive hit in 2015. As an adult, energy healing is going to open the door to being able to establish a plan of change as you get through each layer. A perfect way to explain it is this. Picture yourself sitting in the pass the parcel circle at the best birthday party you’ve ever had or been to (you know, just in case one of those adult soul agreements your soul chose meant that you never got a birthday party because your parents sucked like that) and you hear the music stop and the child unwraps another layer of the parcel. They don’t get the big prize, but there is a chocolate stuck to the layer they’ve unwrapped, and they know there’s loads more layers to unwrap, and the look for excited expectation is there with the squeal of delight that they can have the chocolate.  Essentially, when you get to this stage of the game, you know that you don’t know what’s under the next layer, but you know you are going to be able to handle it and that’s exciting.


Finally, the big elephant gets eaten with adopting energy healing into your life. Freedom arrives. Freedom to make choices for yourself. Freedom to love yourself completely and unconditionally. Freedom to speak your truth to others because you know they aren’t going to burst into flames even if they do appear to be upset or get offended. Freedom to peel as many onion layers as you want in one sitting. You’ll notice very quickly when you are in the freedom phase, that compassion comes easily and boundaries come even easier. You can now go and buy the shirt without guilt or shame. You are free.

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Amanda Foy

Amanda Foy

Amanda Foy grew up in Australia with her Grandmother an active participant in her childhood. Amanda had been around natural therapies and concepts since 10 months of age back in 1971. Practicing since the age of 16 in understanding how emotions impact’s health when she learned about Neuro Emotional Technique from her Chiropractor. Amanda spent the first 21 years of her career in mass communications and administration in international and domestic large industry specializing in understanding human nature. In 2009 she decided to take the leap into her Natural Therapy future. Developing a unique process called Emotional Strength Training, Amanda is able to see emotional memory stuck in her clients body and then uses a process to sweep it away like a giant broom. Amanda is a medically friendly practitioner who stands by her belief that working together with medicine, patients can expect great outcomes. Amanda's Website and Facebook Page